Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Step Into My Week

Hi friends! Sorry for the little hiatus I took the past couple of days, I was truly on vacation mode. My laptop stayed shut from airport to airport and I spent my extended weekend with my family enjoying time in the sun and daily afternoon naps (which I know I'm going to miss this week). This step into my week will be an extended one because of that so hopefully y'all won't mind!

Last week was our last week of class for our first session of grad school. That meant that there were lots of assignments to finish and two finals to study for. We all walked out of our last final so confused as to what exactly we were given but I am very glad to have those classes (and the busy work) behind me! Today starts two more classes and while going from 9:00-4:00 still isn't ideal I am glad that we will get to have two different teachers each day to help break it up. It's also rumored that on our last two Friday's of this session we don't have class but you can bet I'll keep you updated on that! 

For class a couple of times last week we went on field trips to various early childhood centers and resources within the Greenville community, one of which was the Roper Mountain Science Center's butterfly garden. It was a little odd interrupting family's excursion there with our field trip but we got to be outside and see what they had to offer which was fun.

The rest of the week was spent working on all the assignments I mentioned earlier. All 24 of them were due on Friday after we took our two finals so Ellsion (my roommate) and I camped out on our living room floor working on those each night. I also managed to find some chairs that were being thrown out and bring them back to our apartment to use since we still have made no progress on our living and dining room. I don't think I've ever walked so fast in my life with hopes that no one would see me taking them. We did take a few other study breaks to workout but I kind of felt like all I did last week was work. It was worth it to power through to be able to head home on Friday though. 

My flight in Greenville ended up getting delayed about 2 hours which left me sprinting through the Atlanta airport only to miss my connecting flight by 3 minutes and in a bit of a frenzy to make sure I could be on the next flight home. I ended up rather forcefully telling the Delta customer counter that I needed them to unbook me from the 10:00 am Saturday flight they re-scheduled me on and instead put me on standby for the full flights that night which worked in my favor (I was very close to becoming BFFs with one of the moms on the flight whose child had its own seat to see if I could kindly convince her that I needed that seat more but I fortunately didn't have to stoop to that level). I ended up getting on one of the later flights and had so much leg room. Only downside of this flight was that I was seated next to someone who went to Harvard and was reading a book titled How to Read a Book which made me a little self conscious to pull out You are a Badass but I survived with minimal judgement. 

My parents picked me up from the airport that night and we headed straight to the beach house for a weekend in the sun. I was a bit concerned since the weather looked like it could be iffy but it ended up being pretty most of the weekend. We went boating, fishing, paddle boarding, swimming, and I was even able to finish a book despite taking 3 hour naps every afternoon. Clearly it was a relaxing weekend spent in the sun. 

I flew back to Greenville yesterday and got in around 7:00. When I went to Public I noticed that tons of people were heading downtown so I ended up looking into what sort of celebrations were happening here and my friend Chandler and I quickly decided that live music, food, and fireworks sounded much more fun than catching up with one another in our apartments. There were two live bands, the streets were blocked off, and the fireworks were worth waiting for. I'm definitely glad we did that despite the fact that my suitcase is still by our front door and I am not as prepared for the week ahead as I usually try to be.

I hope that y'all had a great holiday weekend and am looking forward to getting back on track with blogging! If you have any requests for the next month or two please let me know since I am trying to continue planning ahead! 


  1. Amazing chair find. It's always so satisfying when you get otherwise expensive things for free! And if you don't like it in the end, you can just dump it out again - nothing lost!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Sounds like a fun week! Yay for being done with projects and beach trips!


  3. Even though your travel experience wasn't the best but glad to hear you got one a flight earlier than what they scheduled you for.

  4. You will definitely be able to re purpose those chairs into something cute! Good luck with your second session of classes. I can't wait to follow along!



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