Saturday, July 15, 2017

Novels With Nell - Lunch in Paris

A bit of a different day for Novels with Nell but I wanted to make sure to keep y'all up to date with all things sale related so we moved things around and Novels with Nell is live today! It turned out to be a beautiful day in Greenville after a storm last night and this seems like the perfect poolside read to enjoy this weather in! 

One of my friends was reading this over spring break, and the cute cover and title caught my eye. Now that I’m reading more regularly, I finally made it around to picking up Lunch in Paris (from the library of course)! I have to admit, it wasn’t seriously grabbing me at the beginning but at some point along the way as the story developed, I got into it and was sad to see it end. The book is a memoir (another week of the “Novels with Nell” title being deceptive) of an American woman’s journey of meeting her Parisian husband and the progression of their relationship. She tells stories about their life in Paris and comments on the differences between French and American culture. There are recipes at the end of each chapter that relate to the stories just told. I really like that addition of the recipes, because not only does it add to your recipe collection, but it shows the way food is such an important part of a culture, and how food itself becomes part of people’s stories.
Thankfully, I don’t have to say goodbye to Elizabeth just yet because there is a sequel, Picnic in Provence, that it sitting on my dresser to be picked up after my current read, and I know it will be just as charming as Lunch in Paris!

Was it love at first sight? Or was it the way her knife slid effortlessly through her pavé au poivre, the steak's pink juices puddling into the buttery pepper sauce?  Lunch in Paris is a memoir about a young American woman caught up in two passionate love affairs--one with her new beau, Gwendal, the other with French cuisine. Packing her bags for a new life in the world's most romantic city, Elizabeth is plunged into a world of bustling open-air markets, hipster bistros, and size 2 femmes fatales. She learns to gut her first fish (with a little help from Jane Austen), soothe pangs of homesickness (with the rise of a chocolate soufflé), and develops a crush on her local butcher (who bears a striking resemblance to Matt Dillon). Elizabeth finds that the deeper she immerses herself in the world of French cuisine, the more Paris itself begins to translate. French culture, she discovers, is not unlike a well-ripened cheese--there may be a crusty exterior, until you cut through to the melting, piquant heart.

Peppered with mouth-watering recipes for summer ratatouille, swordfish tartare and molten chocolate cakes, Lunch in Paris is a story of falling in love, redefining success and discovering what it truly means to be at home. In the delicious tradition of memoirs like A Year in Provence and Under the Tuscan Sun,this book is the perfect treat for anyone who has dreamed that lunch in Paris could change their life.”

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