Thursday, July 27, 2017

Room For Improvement: Room Updates With Annie Selke

Having been in my apartment for about two months (although we've had the lease a bit longer) I figured it was about time to start giving y'all a look at what I've done with the space. I have come to realize that making a given place feel like home is a lengthy process especially when you're starting with barely any of the basics. My room is getting closer to being done but our living/dining room may as well be a separate entity with how little we've done to make that space more livable. 

My two roommates and I all prioritized making our rooms cozy before worrying about the communal spaces so those will come eventually and when they do I will be sure to update y'all! For now, we are going to stick to my room! Having gone to a college that requires you to live on campus in apartments with furniture provided the process of getting my room set up has involved sleeping on an air mattress, finally getting a mattress and later getting a bed frame (can't recommend this considering mattress are so heavy to lift), struggling to put together an IKEA dresser, and having my first night stand come in broken. Consider yourself lucky if you have furniture to use in your first place since buying all the pieces at once is a lot to deal with and not to forget to mention, expensive! Now that I have most of the "bones" of the room so to speak I am finally getting to tackle my favorite part, the decorating. For today's post I am teaming up with  Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill to show you how I incorporated their  C3 Collection (Classic, Colorful Coordinates) to brighten my space and the few basics I already had for my apartment. You may remember this brand from my  Living Room Tour last year as I was able to incorporate their products into that room as well! For a space that was as frequently trafficked as our living room, I know that the quality of the items I'm using are durable and can easily withstand day to day wear and tear. While I know that y'all are eager to see the full space I will share that once it feels more finished but for now it is definitely on the right track! 

Fortunately, I was smart enough to order queen size bedding for my previous apartments even though my bed was full size. Because of this, I have been able to re-use that bedding and the fun decorative pillows I had both in that apartment and in my room at home (major perk of sticking with one color scheme). Even with that in mind however, decorating with pillows and accessories of that nature is such a fun part of the process that I couldn't help myself from adding this  Comfy Cable Knit Indigo Throw to the end of my bed. As you'll see, navy and light blue are used throughout the room with the navy giving areas a bolder look. Having this throw on hand has been perfect when I don't want to be tempted by getting under my covers but still want to stay warm while watching Netflix or a movie on TV. The classic cable knit design and size of the blanket make it something that I'll likely have for years that will continue to transition well to different spaces!  

I am in the master bedroom of our apartment and while that has been so nice the way I arranged my room has it split into various sections that can look kind of bland if not tied together with the right pieces. The flooring in my room is carpet so rugs aren't crucial for comfort but instead add a necessary pop to these sections of my space. I chose the  Spot Indigo Woven Cotton Rug to use by my desk to make studying seem more inviting. While I'm not sure anything can really help studying feel this way I definitely think it helped to add a cozier feel to my desk area without being overwhelming. I chose one of the smaller sizes in this rug and while I haven't tried this just yet, it may look so cute that I need a second one for my bathroom! 

One of my requirements when searching for a bed frame was that it had to be tall enough to store things underneath. You take for granted just how much storage space you're given in college and with the smallest closet in the apartment some sort of solution was necessary to avoid clutter. If the underneath of my bed was exposed you'd see so many plastic drawers full of out of season clothes as well as hang up bags waiting to be hung when the right season comes and even a printer. In all, not very pleasing to the eye. Because I like to utilize all of the space I can I've always relied on bedskirts to cover the mess. In the past my handy momma has made mine and when I put the one she made me for the past two years on this bed I realized that it was a smidge too small. I was bummed since I adored the color but happened to find a nearly identical one from  Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill! This  Stone Washed Linen Blue Paneled Bed Skirt was so easy to put onto my bed and adds more depth to my room than the flat paneled bed skirt I used previously did. Now I can keep the stuff under my bed out of sight and out of mind giving the allusion of having my stuff perfectly organized when that's far from the reality. 

I've really never given much thought to my sheets. When you have twin extra long beds and then full size I feel like the options are somewhat limited and it was easier to go with a basic set of white sheets than get fancy. I have since come to learn the the quality of sheets can be so varied and paying more for them is completely worth the investment. Who would've guessed that sheet thread count could contribute to my overall happiness. Ok, that may be an exaggeration but the first time my parents asked about my apartment and how it was coming along I could not stop raving about how soft and wonderful my sheets were. It's also fun to have a more standard size bed since finding high quality but cute sheets has become so much easier. I love the way this  Petite Vine French Blue Flat Sheet looks with my scalloped quilt and it's just as soft as you'd guess. The only downside? Getting out of bed in the morning has become significantly more challenging due to my comfort level! 

Since organization makes such a difference in keeping my space looking clean I knew that a functional yet cute way to separate my dirty laundry was necessary. It has been so nice to have  washer and dryer in our apartment and the handles on this  French Blue Round Storage Hamper makes it incredibly easy to transport my dirty clothes to the laundry room. I keep it right next to my bathroom so that I can easily place my clothes there after I shower and I also love the pop of color it gives this space. With a white nightstand it could look kind of bland in that space but the blue stripes add color without making it look cluttered. This storage hamper would also be perfect for storing blankets or even toys in a little boys room! It's so large that I could fit in it which may not be the best idea considering that will discourage frequently washing my clothes but it's a price I'm willing to bay for this cute round bin! 

While I know this didn't give you the full look at my room I hope that you were able to enjoy the bits and pieces that are starting to look more put together in my space! I had so much fun collaborating with  Annie Selke's Pine Cone Hill to update areas of my room and I can't recommend the brand enough especially if you're decorating on a color scheme! The  C3 Collection homepage breaks it down to make shopping for a certain color easy and i'm sure it's not hard to guess which color is my favorite!  


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