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Recruitment Outfit Ideas {Dress Guide}

Anyone else feel like it should definitely be Thursday already? While it definitely feels that way to me I also wouldn't mind summer slowing down a bit. As scary and exciting as it is, the school season will be here before we know it and for many of you heading off to college for the first time recruitment (rush) will be starting as well. Around this time of year I always get requests to share my ideas of what to wear during recruitment. This is really fun for me since I never did recruitment in the fall and instead had to rely on more muted winter tones and clothes that provided a bit of warmth as I went through recruitment at my school in January.

For those of you who are questioning my authority on knowing what to wear after that last statement that is completely valid although nearly all of my friends went to schools participating in fall recruitment so I've seen the rounds (no pun intended) of dresses to wear. In case you're new around here, I went to Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina (it's a small, private liberal arts school). I graduated in May of this year and pledged Kappa Delta my freshman year. It was definitely one of the best decisions I made in college and I was so lucky to have the opportunity to take on leadership roles during that time. I served as Vice President of Public Relations my sophomore and junior year and then as Chapter President the second half of junior year and into senior year. I also held smaller positions leading up to that and would say KD was where I invested most of my time and energy in college. 

Furman had what is called deferred recruitment so we didn't join our organizations until January. While that may be very different than the schedule of the school you are going to it is important to remember that each school does recruitment differently. The rounds are called different things, your recruitment counselors have different names, and the chapters vary from school to school. With that in mind, I based the names on these images on what Furman does but that's not to say these dresses wouldn't be perfect for a different round at your respective school. Third round at Furman is the round before Preference Tea (pref). It's a little bit more formal but not a full on cocktail dress. For that reason I included fun, casual dresses that would be cute for the occasion. Pref tea is the last round of recruitment and I'm pretty sure all schools call this round that. This is the most formal of the rounds of recruitment where a cocktail dress is definitely most appropriate. Heels or wedges are also worn on this day but remember to pack a change of shoes for between rounds if you opt for heels so that you can move from place to place without your feet aching. 

Some basic things to remember when dressing for recruitment: 
1. Dress in what you find to be comfortable and make you confident. 
2. Avoid overly short dresses, provocatively placed cut outs, and low cut styles. You are dressing for yourself and other girls so wearing revealing clothes that would be better suited in a fraternity house basement is definitely not the best idea.
3.Think about the weather. At most schools it will be insanely hot during recruitment. Keep this in mind when you are picking out what to wear and opt for looser silhouettes and short sleeves. 

I'm sure there are some tips for dressing that I am missing so feel free to add them in the comments to help everyone out! I've also made a number of other posts about recruitment and my experience in Kappa Delta that can all be found under the "Sorority" label on my blogs side bar. I'll link a couple of especially relevant ones at the bottom for y'all but thats the best place to go for the full scoop. 

pink ruffle sleeves (splurge but love it!) // pink lace // bow sleeves // peplum

So many cute options to choose from! I'd love to hear a couple of things from y'all in the comments: If you are in a sorority which organization are you a part of? Feel free to share any of your outfit advice or recruitment tips in the comments as well! And if you're looking for the post I did featuring my tips for recruitment as well as information about my experience you can find that here

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