Monday, July 24, 2017

Step Into My Week

I am writing this post while sitting in bed this morning (cup of coffee in hand) and the sun is just coming up. I love getting started early and am definitely going to miss being able to wake up at 5:15 and have hours to do work once the school year begins (since I'll have to get ready, make lunch, and go at that point). It's foggy out and my weather app says it's supposed to be rainy all week. Today is the calm before the storm in more ways than one. While the gloomy weather is not the best hopefully it'll encourage me to get stuff done since this week is a hectic one. It's my last week of grad school of the summer and with that comes two finals, multiple projects, and attempting to get everything finished up. We shall see how all of that goes! 

As for this past week it was a lot of the same. From workouts to class and presentations I really do feel like I've gotten myself into a routine and now it is almost over. We had a project due last week that took some time to get together but nothing compared to what I am expecting this week with the statistics project we have yet to be given the prompt or research materials for (yikes). One of the best parts about this past week was that we didn't have class on Friday. If anyone has a petition to sign to make Friday a declared part of the weekend I'd be more than happy to sign because it was wonderful. 

When we left class on Thursday it felt like we were about to get a mini vacation! I tried my best to internally tell myself it was a school night to try to accomplish some homework after barre but Netflix and an early bed time won out. Friday was full of new adventures. I woke up early (I swear I can't sleep past 7:30 now) and attempted to get some stuff done before trying out a workout class with Sophia. She loves hot yoga and I've avoided going with her to that for two years but finally caved and went to a Sculpt class (hot yoga with weights). Air conditioning while working out is a very good thing. I spent a solid part of the class looking around and reminding myself how inflexible I am while giggling at how much room for improvement I had in this setting. Overall it did seem like a great workout but you can bet I'll be sticking to barre! The best part of the workout was the food we promised ourselves afterward. We tried out this new place in downtown Greenville called Happy and Hale and I'm already dying to go back (plus I made the dangerous discovery that my apartment is within their delivery distance...). Since it was frose Friday we tried that and I ordered their big salad with chicken and the avocado cilantro dressing. Delicious! I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool reading The Woman in Cabin 10 before showering and running some errands for my classroom (I'd love similar recommendations if you have them). 

Saturday I got on a major cleaning kick and did so much laundry, vacuumed, and swiffered our whole apartment. Who knew dusting and cleaning could be that satisfying. I met a friend by the pool and continued to fly through my book which I finished yesterday and would recommend to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers and mysteries. Saturday night Sophia and I went to a sushi place we had never been to called Sushi Go. The food was good although we both wished we had gotten more than one roll. We walked to get ice cream and then headed back to my apartment to work on all sorts of classroom projects. Sophia introduced me to a personal laminator and I spent most of last night laminating things for my classroom. I am obsessed, it's the most therapeutic thing! 

Sunday morning my internal alarm clock went off early again and I made Sophia and I cinnamon rolls before we got a little bit of work done. Yesterday was definitely a slow day productivity wise which isn't the best going into a busy week but I made lunches and dinners for the whole week which will hopefully set myself up for plenty of productivity throughout this week. If you haven't stayed up to date with my blog and instagram (@prepinyourstep) there are two things of note to mention. 1. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to all and completely worth shopping. 2. I am giving away the cutest pair of pajamas on my instagram and there is still time to enter! 

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I hope that your Monday is off to a great start and I'm still curious as to what y'all bought during the NSale! Let me know below!

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