Monday, May 22, 2017

Step Into My Week

It has been a little while since I last updated y'all on my life through a Step Into My Week post. Whenever I am at home I don't feel like I've ever really done that much which makes these posts a bit less entertaining. However, I've been trying to make the most of the time I am home (I head back to school in about a week and a half) and have been able to do some pretty fun things.

One of my favorite things to do in high school to relieve stress was to bake. I baked some in college but with a shared kitchen it made things a little tricky and come time to clean up I really missed having a dishwasher. So, when I am at home I like to try out some of the recipes I've found and this most recent recipe did not disappoint. Meet the most delicious browned butter blondies. I follow Elisabeth and Butter on instagram and after starting her own blog recently to share her recipes I knew I had to give them a try. I am so glad that I did because these blondies were delicious and are something I know I am going to have to make again soon. 

A lot of my time since being home has been spent car shopping. For graduation my parents wanted to get me a new car since the one I received when I was 16 (Hyundai Santa Fe) has acquired a number of miles since I've been at school. Ever since having to get towed on my way to student teach this semester (read about that here) they wanted me to have something newer and reliable so that I wouldn't have to worry about it. My mom will be taking my old car so fortunately I don't feel like I've completely betrayed it. After lots of looking and hours at the dealership I ended up with a 2017 Toyota RAV4! So far I really love it and am so excited to finally be able to play music from my phone in the car. I decided on white (which I love) with black leather interior which wasn't my first choice but I didn't love that all of the other interiors were two toned. So far I really like it and I am actually looking forward to my 8 hour drive back to school  since it'll be in my new car! 

 Since being home I've also had the chance to do a number of blog related things. The first of those was getting to see the show room of a brand I an't wait to introduce y'all to on Wednesday! I love collaborating with brands that I think y'all will love and this one is no different and it's also really fun that it is local to where I live despite them shipping wherever. The second blog related experience I had was for a post y'all will be seeing at the beginning of June. The best part of this one was that I got to bring my dad along. My dad is an avid reader of Prep In Your Step (hey dad!) so it was so much fun to be able to include him in a collaboration for an upcoming post. While I don't want to give *too* much away we will just leave it at the fact that it was a wild ride. 

 Aside from that I've been keeping myself busy with emailing and brainstorming about fun content ideas I want to bring to PIYS. It is so nice to have a chunk of time to get in a schedule that almost entirely revolves around blogging. After being on my computer so much this past week it was nice to unplug this past weekend though at the beach. We were able to get a good boat ride in on Saturday morning before the rain came which was good but set us up for a lazy Saturday afternoon reading and napping. We will be headed back to the beach this weekend for Memorial Day and my fingers are crossed that the weather will be better! 

This week I'll be painting a desk I found on craigslist for my apartment, blogging, and starting to work on photos and ideas for a post featuring my favorite place. Plenty to keep me busy but I'd also love to hear any ideas of blog posts or videos you'd like to see from me this summer! 

In the meantime be sure to check out my posts from the past week especially the DIY I did.
DIY Layered Tassel Earrings (these are super inexpensive and the perfect summer accessory)


  1. So fun catching up with you through your Step into my Week posts- I always love reading them! Those blondies look amazing and congrats on your new car!


  2. Love these posts! Sounds like an exciting and relaxing summer so far!

    Ashley //

  3. The past few weeks of Prep In Your Step have been amazing. I've been loving the college post you're writing. Please continue to write them.

  4. I just graduated from college like you and haven't started my job yet. Isn't it a weird feeling being out of school but not working yet?! I feel like I have so much time on my hands!

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