Friday, May 12, 2017

Moving Essentials

As many of you may know, in the midst of celebrating graduation I was also moving into my new apartment! To say I've been lucky with housing at Furman would be an understatement. We are required to live on campus all four years so even when that meant a teeny-tiny dorm room Furman covered the process for us. My friends and I pretty much knew where we wanted to live and I adore the location of our apartment but the tricky part came with trying to pack up and actually move all of our stuff to this new place. Three girls, lots of boxes, a second floor apartment, and no elevator. I think you can count us out for strength training for a while given the number of loads we carried! 

There were a number of things that were essential to have on hand while moving and I thought as many of y'all begin your own move out (and possibly move in) process that it would be helpful to share those with you. However, before I begin I need to mention two MVPs. The first would be banker's boxes. These were lifesavers when it came to knick knacks and smaller items. I currently think I have 8 or 9 stacked in my new bedroom waiting for furniture that they can be unpacked into. The second would be this dolly we had in our garage. Talk about a real game changer. Although we don't have an elevator at our new place it was so nice to be able to stack up tons of items onto this dolly at school to load my car since our parking lot is relatively spacious and it certainly saved me some trips! We've had our dolly for a long time but this one from amazon looks really similar. 

As for the other items that became essential :

So while these aren't quite as essential during the move, as I've begun to unpack somethings and worked to get things situated having these within reach makes things much more convenient. If you have to use boxes that need to be taped up these are also going to be pretty essential when it comes  to getting into those. 

One thing I've discovered about myself when moving is that once I start I really don't want to stop until I've finished. While this sounds super motivational in reality I usually end up going straight through a meal time and later wonder how on Earth I could be so hungry. These Go Macro protein replenishment bars have been a no brainer. They come in a number of delicious flavors and are packed full of protein which helps to power me through until I've finished and am ready to eat a meal. I've learned to put a couple in my purse and car to have on the go to avoid that faint feeling that can come with moving on an empty stomach. My personal favorites are the ones that contain peanut butter (addicted)! You can find these online here or at Trader Joe's! 

So it may sound a little specific to claim a specific water bottle as an essential but hear me out on this one. This water bottle is fantastic because it holds an entire liter of water. Nell laughed at me when I was carrying it the other day due to its abnormally large size but it has made every trip back and forth to my new apartment. Staying hydrated in general is important but especially while moving and this has helped me to make sure that I have plenty of water on hand. I also really love the feel of the glass and the fun color sleeve around it! 

Unless you live somewhere cold or are moving during the winter months then you may not need this but for anyone moving in the spring and summer especially in the south it is very likely that it will be hot. I was very glad I had on a workout tank on a number of occasions during my move. My personal favorites are from lululemon but I've found that Target has a great workout clothing selection as well. 

This was actually one of my Christmas presents and as lame as it may sound was one that I was really excited for. Like the scissors it may be as crucial when it comes to moving boxes however when I wanted to measure for curtains and furniture I knew that this would have a measuring tape and I was glad to have it on hand. Nell actually has this same kit and it was how I built a lot of the furniture in our last apartment since it has tons of interchangeable sizes for various projects. 

So there you have it, my moving essentials. When you're moving solo another essential would be a friend to help out on occasion. Nell was bribed into helping me move a couch and my desk with a coke icee for a reward. Fair trade if you ask me! 

P.S. Another piece of advice I was told when moving is to bring a few rolls of toilet paper to your new place. This wasn't something I would have thought of otherwise but definitely makes sense. 

I'd love to hear any other essentials y'all depend on when it comes to moving so that I can be prepared when I head back to my new place at the beginning of June! 


  1. Workout tanks everyday! I like to wear them for basically everything I do. So glad athleisure is on trend, you can even look chic moving boxes!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I just moved from apartment to apartment so my list might be a little different because I didn't have any lag time but this is what I found helpful!
    - Paper plates, solo cups, and plastic silverware: It's so much easier to just pack everything at once and rely on disposable kitchenware for the few days while everything is in boxes. I left a few items out to eat on and then ended up having a random dish or cup packed away with something like cleaning supplies, not ideal!
    - Not an essential but a tip: Get medium size boxes and not any larger. The larger the box, the more you will want to pack in it and they get heavy quick! I moved into a 3rd floor walk up and it was so important to be aware of the weight of each box.
    - PLASTIC WRAP!! This was the biggest one. You can get huge roles of saran wrap online for very little cost and it can be used for everything. We used it to wrap up furniture so it didn't get dirty in the move, a second layer to secure items like our TV we bubble wrapped, if you have cubby boxes with no tops instead of taking everything out of those you can just saran wrap them to create a "closed
    - In addition to toilet paper also make sure you have clorox wipes or lysol handy when you move in. Apartments are supposed to clean before you move in but you never know what state the apartment is going to be in (especially kitchen drawers and cabinets!). It's easier to clean right from the beginning before anything is put away.

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