Sunday, May 28, 2017

How to Wear White on White + My Favorite Pair of White Jeans

In celebration of the fact that Memorial Day is tomorrow I am continuing to break the no white before Memorial Day social standard with an all white outfit. We can call it trendsetting. Summer whites are about to be in full force so I am here to prepare you now with a crisp way to wear your white jeans along with my criteria for the best white jeans and a few pairs I’ve found that will leave you ready to wear white all summer long.

I feel like every time I open a magazine or am scrolling through instagram and come across a chic event the women look effortlessly perfect in an all white ensemble. If wearing all white can help me to look put together I’m sold although being the color lover that I am I had to find some way to add a little color. These ombre tassel earrings did just the trick and paired perfectly with my new Barrington St. Anne tote. Pretty fitting that a Dorothy would opt for a blue and white gingham bag. I guess all that is missing is a pair of ruby slippers but I’ll save those for Halloween. If you didn’t see the do it yourself I did for these earrings then you should definitely venture over to this post and check out just how easy they are to make and with tomorrow as a holiday my guess is that you’ll have a little bit of time. I’ll start to question this all white look on an especially hot summer day while eating a popsicle to cool off but my guess is that put together people in all white probably have alternative ways of cooling off aside from popsicles (I said look put together definitely doesn’t mean I am).

tank (similar also like this one) // white jeans // sandals (I've worn this pair for years and LOVE them) // tote (co) // earrings // watch (c/o) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // rose gold bracelet

Now for the real kicker, finding the perfect pair of white jeans. I’ve been through the struggle and know just how challenging it can be especially when your options of in store shopping are limited (I’m from a small town so I feel your pain). If you have a place to go with a plethora of pairs to choose from then seeing your options in person is super helpful and you don’t have to worry about ordering multiple options and returning the ones you don’t like. Fortunately for me, Nordstrom has the easiest shipping and returns so that’s where I tend to look for all my jeans. When it comes to shopping for a new pair I like to make sure they are

1. Comfortable 2. Not See Through 3. Lightweight.

I also prefer for them to be relatively inexpensive since it is only a matter of time before I spill something on them (the popsicle situation) or sit down in something. Jeans can be so expensive but my favorite pair of white jeans happens to be from Articles of Society a pretty affordable brand that fits my demanding jean criteria.

I'd love to hear what brand or where you got your favorite pair of white jeans!


  1. White on white is my favourite colour combination to wear, but it's super hard to pull off. You seem to have that down perfect with you outfit!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I purchased my white jeans from TJ Maxx a couple years ago, and they are great quality but were a really good deal!

    xo, brooke

  3. That bag is darling!!
    xo, Syd

  4. I'm all for white before Memorial Day! I have those Article of Society white jeans and love them!

  5. This outfit is so cute on you, Dorothy! I love the pop of color that your bag adds to your outfit!



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