Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dorm Room Design with Not Just Dorms

Being at home for the past few weeks has me seriously questioning my age. Getting into my summer routine and going back to some of my favorite places makes it almost feel as though I could be back in high school again. In some ways I wish that were the case considering doing college again comes with a little less pressure than starting a job and becoming an “adult” in the real world. A recent, very specific reason I would love to be a college freshman again? Decorating a dorm room. Fortunately I have an apartment to tackle when it comes to decorating which seems to be a bigger undertaking than I originally anticipated making me almost (keyword: almost) wish I were back in the small space of a dorm room. Recently I had the opportunity to go to the showroom of a really cute dorm (and home/apartment, my luck!) design showroom and relive those dorm decorating days. The best part was that Nell got to join me. If you’ve been around PIYS for a while then you’d know that Nell and I lived together both freshman year and senior year so there was something kind of nostalgic about going together. When we went to Furman 4 years ago dorm decorating was definitely a big deal at state schools but everyone at Furman was a bit shocked by how much we decorated our room. We constantly had people asking if we had planned to coordinate it and saying that it looked like something straight out of Southern Living. In all honesty we didn’t really coordinate our dorm but happened to have styles and color schemes in mind that complemented one another. Had we known about Not Just Dorms when we went to school I could definitely see us meeting up to design our own dorm room there. And had that been the case I think there would have been a few more dropped jaws as classmates foreign to the idea of headboards and matching bedding when it came to a dorm walked into our room.

While the Not Just Dorms showroom happens to be relatively close to my house they ship their products all over the country to help you decorate any space you may be designing. For you girls headed off to college in the fall it serves as a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need to make your cinder block cell into a cozy home away from home. From offering products that don’t damage the walls (command strips WILL be your best friend) and ample items that help to keep your things stored and mess free, Not Just Dorms allows you to focus on the fun stuff like picking your color scheme, fabrics, and pillows!

Getting to play with the products in person had me that much more impressed with the versatility of the items while being super practical for a dorm room, especially on move in day. We were super impressed by the Bedside Bookcase which looked a lot sturdier (and cuter) than the ones we used all 4 years from Target that our dads quickly volunteered to build on the porch outside of our room to get out of our way on move in day. After walking up to them we were told just how awesome their features were. They weigh less than 4 pounds and don’t require any tools to assemble. Yep, I questioned that too but left super impressed by how thoughtfully they were designed. Honestly, that’s how I felt about all of Not Just Dorm’s products. Every piece was thought through when it came to weight, durability, and of course style to make it an affordable and functional purchase to use in your dorm room and beyond.

I am super excited to include some of Not Just Dorm’s items to decorate my new apartment in the coming months. I already decided on this cute headboard as the sleek design and white color will serve as the perfect backdrop for my pillow obsession. Their blackout curtains are definitely at the top of my wishlist as the natural light in my room is wonderful but there is definitely a time and place for everything. And if I were headed back to school the one thing I can’t recommend enough would be a bed skirt. Don’t waste all of the wonderful storage space under your ridiculously tall bed and instead take my word on that being a must have. Not Just Dorm’s are super easy to install as they sell the tension rods that work best for their design and allow you to secure it beneath your bed while still being able to move the fabric around to access all those essentials you may be storing under your bed.

I can’t wait to share more photos of their products in my own space but would love to know which color combinations you would include if you were decorating your space with Not Just Dorms.


  1. I just like things minimal - all white, if possible, haha! Maybe a few accents of grey here and there.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I wish I knew about this Not Just Dorm's when I was decorating my dorm room 4 years ago. I definitely wouldn't gotten a headboard, they add so much!

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing! I'm just starting to look for pieces for my freshman dorm and I know this website will be so helpful!



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