Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Morning Routine with Simply Pure Coffee Creamer

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If you've been following along with the blog for a bit you may know that junior year of college has been the year of copious cups of coffee and my love of coffee slowly increasing to a daily reliance. This summer that hasn't changed all that much aside from now coffee is a treat instead of a lifeline. Although in the summer I'm able to hit snooze a few more times even though my bed time has been a lot earlier than it was at school coffee is still that encourager to get my day started on the right foot. I am excited to share with y'all what my morning routine looks like during the summer and would love to know how yours compares.

Since I've been nannying this morning I set an alarm each morning and even if I didn't have a consistent job I feel like I would still set an alarm because I really do enjoy mornings and am much more productive then as well. I have a tendency to hit snooze a few times before actually motivating myself to force my feet to hit the floor and that usually happens when I realize how hungry I am and how excited I am for a cup of coffee.

Before heading downstairs to the kitchen I turn on the light and head to my bathroom to brush my teeth. If I am feeling extra groggy in the morning I find that washing my face first thing in the morning also helps to wake me up a bit and feel as though I am starting my day out fresh. 

Once I'm in the kitchen I head straight to the Keurig to make some coffee. As I wait for the water to heat up I typically turn on the TV to the today show before making a large cup of coffee and heading to the fridge to pick out which creamer I want to use that morning. Recently I went to Walmart and picked up two flavors of International Delight Simply Pure Coffee Creamer in Vanilla and Caramel and found that it is the perfect way to add delicious pure flavor to your morning coffee. They were right next to all of the other creamers and I was instantly drawn to their packaging and the fun fonts featured on them.

 Made with real milk, cream, and sugar Simply Pure only includes five simple ingredients coming in three different flavors creating endless everyday coffee creations that don't lose their flavor. As I wait for my coffee to cool I make my favorite everyday breakfast, a waffle with peanut butter and eat that while enjoying my coffee and checking through my email. Once I finish my breakfast I head back up stairs coffee in hand to make my bed and get ready for the day with a bit more energy thanks to the caffeine kicking in. 

After my room is back in order it's time to freshen up my face using a bit of tinted moisturizer, powder, bronzer, and blush. Next up I run a straightener through my hair enough to make it look nice in a ponytail since that's one of the few ways my hair can stand the humidity. Then it's another round of brushing my teeth before getting dressed for the day. When choosing what to wear for the day I feel like I am similar to most other girls in that I stand in front of my closet full of clothes mentally thinking I have nothing to wear. Fortunately, I always find something and once I do finally get dressed it's time to pack my tote and head out for the day ahead energized and ready to take on any tasks ahead thanks to enough caffeine to properly kickstart my morning.

I created a video of my morning routine so that you're able to better see the progression of my morning and Simply Pure coffee creamer in action. Find it below!

I'd love to know what gets you going in the morning and how your summer morning routine looks compared to mine! Be sure to let me know in the comments! 


  1. I'm with ya on the coffee; it's still a daily occurrence for me in the summer as well as the school year! I have been obsessed with Califia Farms Iced Coffee with Almond Milk -- it's so addicting! Glad your summer is a bit more relaxed than the semester!


  2. This video was adorable! I loved how candid you were with us. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love routine posts and videos! I also love that coffee creamer. Your morning routine is a win win!!

  4. Loved the video- coffee is the best part about the mornings! I'll have to try the cream and switch it up from my usual almond milk! Where are your tote and dress from in the video? Both are so cute!
    -Angela & Amy

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