Monday, June 27, 2016

What's In My Work Tote

It's Monday so you know what that means (aside from the Bachelorette coming on)… it's the start of another work week but not just any work week. It's the last work week of June and the last one before a fun holiday weekend! I'm fortunate enough to have the same summer job this year that I had last year nannying for a family of three which allows me plenty of time to blog as well. No matter what job you may have I think it's equally as important to pack for the part as it is to dress properly. I keep a pool bag packed in my car because I never know when the kids will be itching for a pool day but also keep another packed bag on hand for more day to day activities.

At the beginning of the summer I bit the bullet and purchased this great leather tote and I know it will be something I use for years to come. It's perfect for the summer as my work tote, for travel as a carry on, and for student teaching as my teacher bag. The tote stands no chance against me using it non-stop! I thought it could be fun to share with y'all what exactly I pack in my tote for my summer job so I've spilled the contents below.

I've found that this tote is super spacious to fit just about anything I could use on a given day. I start by sticking my laptop in its case and placing it at the bottom.While I don't often use it unless the kids are absolutely pooped and I cave and let them watch a movie it's nice to know I have it on hand. Next my planner and notebook go in the bag! I like having my schedule on hand to confirm dates and times when it comes to my nannying schedule and I have found myself brainstorming in this notebook at various times throughout the day so it's nice to keep it with me as well. With a notebook and planner I figure it's easiest to throw my pencil bag in the tote instead of having pens floating around at the bottom of my bag. I also like to keep a water bottle on hand because summers here are hotter than you'd imagine and it's crucial to stay hydrated especially since I tend to workout after lunch. My keys and phone are obvious necessities and usually remain at the top of the bag or in the pocket while some chapstick and a couple snacks are also tossed in the bag to have on hand! I usually have a book somewhere in the bag as well and am currently re-reading Harry Potter.

I also did this post in video form here in case you want to watch me go through the contents of my tote as well! I would love to know what y'all pack in your work tote for the summer especially if you have any nannying essentials (I'm always looking for new ideas of things to do with the kids).


  1. I loved this post! I nanny as well and I always try to carry a thing of bubbles and a coloring book in my bag! What kid doesn't love bubbles? and coloring is a super simple activity for anytime.


  2. I loved seeing what's in your bag! I nanny as well and I bring a fun "treat" every so often- whether it's cookies that I had a home or a random little game!


  3. Great post! I'm super nosey and like to see what other people carry, haha.
    XO Alyson |


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