Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another Cute Coverup + What's In My Beach Bag

Weekends in the summer have me itching to be anywhere near the water. Fortunately where I live is very close to the water and only about 40 minutes from the beach so I really am never all that far away. I've told y'all before but ever since discovering some fun and affordable coverups I refuse to wear anything else when it comes to being pool or beach bound. 

I got this coverup last year and always get compliments when I wear it. Who knew that you could look cute while eating lunch at the pool? With a flouncy peplum hem and an open tasseled back I like to think that it is deserving of those compliments not to forget the vivid pink hue that allows it to make a statement. 




A trip to the beach or the pool isn't quite as easy as it once was. Long gone are the days when all I needed to do was put on a swimsuit and not complain when I was getting sprayed down with sunscreen. My mom used to pack the bag and make sure we were set for fun but being the "grown up" college student that I am I am left to pack my own beach bag. Ironically enough as a nanny for a family of three I pack my bag and the kid's bag for the pool so I seem to have skipped the just worrying about my own stuff phase. I like to think I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to what I need to pack and thought it would be fun to share what I keep in my bag with y'all! You can shop all these items below the video and graphic! 

Happy Saturday! Hope you're soaking in some sunshine! 


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