Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Summer Day In My Life

I'm always shocked (and also flattered I suppose) about how interested y'all are in my schedule. The past "day in my life" posts have always been so well received and I love that it leaves y'all with the opportunity to share what you're up to with me as well. With a busy couple of weeks on the horizon that aren't exactly sticking to a schedule I figured now would be a good time to share what a regularly scheduled summer day looks like for me before I get too out of the routine. 

After talking about what I take in my work tote in Monday's post I knew that now would be a great time to share my general schedule. For those of you who don't know, I am nannying for the same family that I nannied for last year. They have three kids ages 10, 8, and 6 and have been a blast to hang out with this summer as well. One of the many perks of being an elementary education major is that nannying is great job experience as it gives you a nice taste of what it's like to be with the same kids on a daily basis. 

My schedule is pretty flexible nannying and varies day to day which is nice but one of the best parts may be that I get Fridays off. I have used this time to work on the following weeks blog posts, take photos for posts, create videos, and respond to emails all of which are more time consuming than one may imagine. Hopefully y'all have been able to notice the additional time I've had to work on the blog and have been enjoying the frequent posts!

Since no two days nannying are identical and I don't know whether we will be hitting the pool, going to the library, having a picnic, or playing at their house I thought it made the most sense to just block off that span of time in this schedule. So now that I've kept you distracted by rambling, here is what a typical summer weekday in my life looks like.
*these precious illustrations included in this schedule are from my favorite artist, Evelyn Henson, who is also a Furman girl

So that is a nice overview of my schedule but since it is summer I obviously don't always follow it. Depending on what I am working on blog wise this can look incredibly different but I tried to think about what I do most consistently to include it!

Speaking of schedules…. with the fourth this weekend (well Monday so I'll claim it as an extension of the weekend) and then leaving on a fun trip to D.C. to visit my brother on the sixth I've been doing a lot of planning of posts and content (including lots of videos, y'alls favorite) for the coming month. We will be at the beach for the fourth of July with family and I am making it my goal to be "out of the office" during that time but leaving two days later for D.C. means that I've had a lot to do in the meantime to prepare to enjoy both excursions. Even with that being the case I still love to hear y'alls input about what kind of posts you want to see. I've loved having the opportunity to add more fashion posts to the blog this summer but I strive to make sure that I am posting about plenty of other topics including lifestyle, tips, organization, etc and always value what y'all are most interested in seeing once arriving to my site so never hesitate to send me some suggestions!

Also, I'd love to know what your schedule for the summer is like! I know I definitely do a lot better with a routine and love having this laid back schedule to follow to make the most of this summer. 


  1. Love this post! I have something similar planned for July! I too am a summer nanny! You're schedule sounds lovely. I'm nannying 3-4 days a week from 7-5 right now!


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  3. Such a great post Dorthy! I adore the illustrations by Evelyn Henson.


  4. Love these kinds of posts! So fun to see how everybody spends their days! Thanks for sharing!
    -Angela & Amy

  5. It is just what I was looking for and quite thorough as well. Thanks for posting this, I saw a couple other similar posts but yours was the best so far. The ideas are strongly pointed out and clearly emphasized.

  6. I love reading "day in my life" posts! I'm working as a nanny too this summer so our schedules are pretty similar!


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