Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Y'all probably know by now how much more productive I am when I have a list guiding me. While that applies day to day it also applies over a season too. I decided that now is the perfect time to start building a summer bucket list before summer really heats up (no pun intended) and you feel like it is too late to write out a list. To make it easy for all of us I made a list that is more generic as well that hopefully can apply to all of y'all as well. Print it out and pin it to your bulletin board or keep a copy in your car to track your progress and ensure that you are making the most of your summer vacation.

If you decide to do any of these things inspired by my list be sure to let me know by snap chatting me @prepstepsnaps! 

Also, speaking of planning things out  Lilly Pulitzer has just released the pre-order for  their planners! If you're looking to order one I've included some of the great prints below. I am partial to the Jumbo size and loved how much room it offered me when I had a  Lilly planner. I'd love to hear which print is your favorite that has been released this year! 


  1. Such a fun list!!
    xo, Syd

  2. Such a great list! I really want to make homemade ice cream too. I'm in love with the Lilly jumbo agenda in Southern Charm.
    XO Alyson |

  3. Love this list! I'm hoping to do a few of these this summer too- I highly recommend making homemade ice cream, so yummy!


  4. I am gonna try them!!!


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