Monday, September 8, 2014

Get to Know My Roommate (Video)

All summer I have had two major requests. 1. To make videos and 2. to film a video with my roommate.

Hooray because today you are getting both! You probably recognize Nell from a variety of different posts (lots of fun pics on my How To Be A GREAT Roommate post) and I am lucky to have lived with someone who I get along with so well. If only y'all could of seen the 40 minutes of this video the first time we tried to film it, the 6 minutes of awkwardness before even beginning the questions, and our relationship on a daily basis. 

As I explain in the video, Nell and I are actually not living together this year since we pledged different sororities and both wanted to live on our respective sorority halls. I definitely miss having her as a roommate but I am so glad that our relationship hasn't changed at all even though we aren't living together. (Forever Roommates? Pretty accurate.)

Although this is a bit different from my normal types of posts I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. How am I supposed to function on Mondays? I honestly can't remember my last school Monday, it had to have been some time in May. I'm hunkering down and bracing myself for a long and busy 5 day week!


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