Friday, September 12, 2014

Step Into My Week: 9/5-9/12

It's another weekly round up and recap!

Last Friday was welcomed with open arms seeing as my plans for the weekend were to relax! I ended up taking a nap after I finally got out of class and then went to dinner with friend at the crepe pace I have mentioned in a previous post. It is honestly so good! I am kind of hopping to study there soon! I ordered the club crepe and finished my meal with a delicious caramel and chocolate crepe!

That night we went and saw If I Stayed. It was pretty good, not one I need to add to my list of must buys when it comes out on DVD. Some of it was kind of cheesy but it was entertaining!

Saturday Nell and I went to get a birthday present for our friend Caroline and ate lunch at Chipotle! Lately I have been a huge fan of guacamole and they have such good guacamole so it was a good choice!

That night Caroline joined Nell and I and we went to Whole Foods for dinner and to see one of our friends that works there. Later that evening Nell and I decided to go to a fraternity party for a little while. We saw a bunch of our friends, met some freshmen, and were the perfect pair because we both wanted to leave at the same time!

(sadly we didn't take any pictures)

Sunday came around and it was a day full of laundry and homework and our first chapter of the year! That was kind of fun because I was chosen out of our chapter as Supportive Sister of the week. 

Monday was spent in class, the library, and the PAC (our gym) and then I had a meeting later on that evening. I am a SET leader for KD which means we get to plan bid day which I am super excited about. We are already well on our way with lots of different ideas and a clear winner of a theme.

Tuesday I only had one class and then I met up with my lab partner for bio and we cranked out our lab report which isn't due until Monday so it was nice to finish that up with plenty of time to spare.

Wednesday is definitely my craziest day. I had class from 8:30- 5:30 (which you saw in this post) and then that night we had a Panhellenic night where girls interested in Greek life could come and chat with and get to know girls already involved. Below is an image of the banner I had to help make for it. Somehow I thought I could workout + shower + look presentable + eat something between 6:00 and the start of Panhellenic night which really pushed my time, but hey I made it!

Thursday was another whirlwind of a day! We had our first recruitment workshop which turned out to be a lot of fun. We are already starting to learn the dances we are doing for skit day. I am pretty uncoordinated so it is probably a good thing that we are starting so early!

(sorry I didn't have many photos from this week)

Now for what has been on my radar…

A friend was talking about this funny article she read about What Your American Girl Doll Says About The Rest Of Your Life. It is too entertaining and a definite must read. Samantha was my first doll and she was so well loved that at one point her leg had to be replaced and her hair will never return to the glossy shine it once had! I was an american girl fanatic back in the day. From the time I was 5 or 6 until probably 12ish some sort of American Girl item was on every wish list I ever made. By the end of it I think I had 6 dolls (Samantha, Nellie, Kit, Emily, Molly, Jess- girl of the year 06) and a Bitty Baby and the original Bitty Twins. 

I hope you all laughed when you saw this video Nell and I filmed.

FALL! I am so ready for the weather to cool off! My love of fall has grown immensely after living in a place that has an actual fall, in south Alabama it can be a bit of a myth! I am so ready for sweaters, vests, and most of all these!

Also this video is quite entertaining! What a funny daddy/daughter duo with the catchiest of songs!

Kendra Scott's fall pieces have arrived and they are worth checking out!

J. Crew Factory's New Arrivals are on point for fall, not to mention there is a new pattern of the excursion vest!

This sweater & this one | new vest! | cozy quilted jacket | this skirt NEEDS to be in my closet |

Happy happy weekend!


  1. I really love these posts you have been doing!! I love seeing snapshots of other people's weeks. Definitely continue doing them!! Also, would love to see more study tips/school organization/agenda organization posts!! The posts you've done in the past (like the sticky note post just before this) have always been SO good and SO SO helpful. LOOOOVE your blog <3 <3

  2. I SO enjoyed the American Girl doll post (I also had several when I was younger), thanks for sharing! I have never been a huge blog reader, but I have loved reading your posts the past few months & plan to keep following your blog! Best of luck this school year!

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