Friday, September 5, 2014

Step Into My Week: August 29th - September 4th

I got a really positive response on last weeks Step Into My Week so I am really excited to continue to share a peek of my week with y'all in addition to my regular posts! This will also be such a fun way to look back on all the fun stuff I've done as well!

Friday night Nell, Caroline, and I were super excited to have one of our typical nights in Greenville. Although it was a four day week it felt a bit longer which is alarming because this upcoming week will be our first 5 day week of the semester. We ventured to downtown Greenville and went to one of our favorite restaurants, Smoke on the Water, for dinner and it was delicious.

We had always passed by this cool drink Coca-Cola sign but this time I forced us to stop and take pictures in front, they didn't hate me for it!

I was happy to Share a Coke with friends.


shirt ($20 and an awesome closet staple) | colored jeans | shoes | bag (similar) | watch

Saturday we ran errands and Furman had their first football game of the season. The game was also the first night game that we've had since I've been a student and thank goodness it was at night considering how hot it was! Regardless, it was so fun tailgating and hanging out with friends and it also doesn't hurt that we won!



I had a bunch of questions on instagram (@prepinyourstep) about where my dress in the photos above is from and it is from a boutique called Fiore. I don't see it on their website anymore but there were a few left in the store so you could try calling their different locations to see if they have any in stock. The brand is L'atiste by Amy.

Sunday Nell and I went to church and then the coolest new crepe place near campus! The place is called Tandem and it is in Travelers Rest, SC (right outside of Greenville) and it was so cool inside and the food was delicious! I also decided that I wanted some live plants in my room so we went to Lowes and I got the cutest cacti and succulents for my window sill! I took little terra-cotta pots and painted them white and then put a strip of washi tape around the edge and I love the way they turned out!


I've started to come to the realization that my schedule for this semester may be a bit crazy. Not in the sense of classes but more in the realm of meetings. I go help out at a local school for two hours on Tuesdays, I have lab on Wednesdays until 5:30, and I have a lab I didn't realize would exist on Thursdays until 5:20. And then you throw in meetings! Two meetings on Sunday, a meeting on Monday night and a two hour workshop on Thursdays, time management and I better be on good terms this semester!

I'll be doing an agenda organization post for y'all soon and it will give you a nice visual of the craziness that will ensue!

Thursday night we had our first mixer of the school year! It was with KA so our theme was KAyaKD which I thought was super clever and it allowed us to wear chacos and nike shorts which will never receive a complaint from me! I had to help make the banners for the event to be hung at the KA house and that was made a bit difficult because on Wednesday night the power was out at school for about an hour because of a bad storm we were having. It all worked out though and the mixer was a lot of fun! I have a few more photos from the event so if those will upload I may add them into next weeks!


This week I have been loving:

One night after working out Nell and I desperately wanted a popsicle so we escaped to publix to check out the selection. Of course, we didn't leave with solely popsicles and I also picked up Skinny Cow's new Salted Caramel Pretzel Bars and holy cow (no pun intended) they are amazing! If you've ever had a twix ice cream bar these are super similar and so delicious. I know these will be a constant in my dorm freezer and they are the perfect little size!

I have also been loving the TV show Friends. I am starting at the beginning and watching the episodes and I forgot how funny some of them are. I have watched the show in the past but just episodes randomly, never in a particular order so I am glad to be starting at the beginning this go round. While it has been quite the luxury to watch an episode a couple of nights a week I know that as the semester goes on that will become less common!

Happy Friday!
What have y'all been loving this week?

PS I hope y'all still like the idea of this series!


  1. I love that dress! I wish they still had it on their website!


  2. I love that dress! I hope all goes well as far as time management. That was one of the toughest lesson's I learned in college between classes, a job, my sorority and being an officer in PBX. It all worked out though but I was the girl at the library first thing on Saturday mornings!

  3. I love this blog series idea! It let me see what a real college student does on a weekly basis! But on the other had, I do have to agree with you on the Skinny Cow ice cream bars! They are so delicious!

    Sophia B.

  4. This series is divine!!!! Keep it up!!!!

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