Monday, September 22, 2014

Agenda Organization Tips & Tricks

One of the most asked questions I get asked is "How do you organize your agenda?" I'm excited to be addressing this question again this year in the best way I can with what works best for me (only a few things have changed from last years post). Keep in mind that the way I organize my agenda may not be the most practical way to organize yours and that it is imperative to organize in whatever way works best for you. With that being said, hopefully some of these tips will prove to be useful for your own organization!

I'm going to start with the tips and then show y'all specifically how my agenda is organized! Also, I am including the agenda organization video I did to hopefully clear up any other questions you may have!

1. Make a plan and stick to it.

This is the most important thing you can do in order for your agenda to appear organized. By writing things down in the same place or color each day your agenda is bound to appear more organized even if that isn't the case. For me, I write down what color pen I am going to use for each subject and activity on a sticky note and move it from week to week until the colors are associated with my subjects, don't worry it will soon become second nature!

2. Color coordinate by class/activity.

As I hinted at above, I have my assignments written down in a specific color that coordinates with one of my classes or activities (for example, this semester I have blue-costume crafts, pink- finite math, light blue- human development, lime green- biology in the environment, purple- Furman events, orange- CLPs, teal- meetings w/ people, green- Kappa Delta). This is a great way for me to avoid writing the subject or activity by an event or assignment each time I have a meeting or something is assigned. I also find this helpful when looking at my monthly calendar since the colors apply both weekly and monthly.

3. Organize in a way that works best for you.

I can not stress this enough. If these tips don't work for you then it is very important for you to instead organize your agenda in a way that does! You won't be as productive or feel as organized if you are organizing in a way that is not convenient for your lifestyle or habits.

4. Write down assignments when they are assigned and when they are due.

This is most important if you struggle to meet deadlines or remember assignments. The first weeks of school when I am handed my syllabus for a specific class I force myself to sit down and write all of it down for the entire semester (I know this probably can't happen in high school but that is ok!) even if something isn't due until December.I have found it super helpful for myself to write down my homework on the night I need to do it as opposed to the day it is due. My reasoning behind this is that if I am just seeing the assignment on the day it is due then it is already to late to complete it. For big assignments however such as tests, projects, or papers, I write them down when they are assigned as well as when they are/due. This is one thing that I know varies from person to person but again, this is what works best for me!


5. Cross assignments off once they are completed.

This is without a doubt the biggest motivation for me to complete assignments and the reason I find to-do lists so productive! I love taking my yellow highlighter and crossing off an assignment once I finish it and I feel so accomplished when all of my tasks for a day or week are highlighted meaning they have been completed. For consistency, I've always crossed off the events on my weekly calendar with a yellow highlighter however, I do not cross things off on the monthly overview calendar.

6. Utilize your monthly calendar.

I never did this before coming to college and I honestly don't know how I survived. While it can be stressful to see all that needs to be completed or attended during the month it is the best way for me to get an idea of how to productively manage my time. It's great to get an idea of how your week looks with all of the miscellaneous events going on in order to better plan ahead!  I'm not going to lie, more frequently than not I get a little overwhelmed when checking the monthly calendar but I am convinced that it helps to motivate me.

7. Use Post-it Notes.

I am an avid user of Post-it notes as I am sure you could tell from these posts (1 & 2). Flipping back through some of my weeks I have a post it note on each day as well as a few piled up on my weekend on my weekly agenda view. You may think this is excessive but sometimes it is the only way you can remember that something needs to be printed or that your laundry needs to be done otherwise you won't have any socks left. I personally don't want to write that on my days assignments directly in my agenda so Post-its are my perfect solution!

8. Make it Fun.

Stickers and fun paper clips are all it takes for me! I use super cute Kate Spade paperclips to mark where in my agenda I am clipping one side on my weekly view and the other on my monthly view. As for stickers, I adore using Lilly Pulitzer's academic and greek sticker sets and use them on both my weekly view as well as my monthly one. It makes the fact that you have an exam or chapter meeting coming up look that much more fun and colorful.


Below are a few more images of my agenda and how I have it organized based on the tips I have given you above.


For reference, my agenda is the Large Lilly Pulitzer agenda in the Lilly Lovers print. The pens I use are from the brand Le Pen and I usually purchase the 18 color pack since color coding things is kind of my weakness. (here are my favorite colors I use though… 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ) They last for such a long time, have a fine tip, and don't bleed through your pages all qualities that are essential when it comes to my agenda organization!

Hopefully this will help you buckle down and organize yourself for anything you may have going on this semester!


  1. As always, love this post, Dorothy! :-)


  2. This is such a great post Dorothy! You always put so much effort into your posts and it really shows. I can't wait to try out some of your color coding tips! Hope you're having a great sophomore year!

  3. I organize mine almost exactly the same way! Only I have a tab on the side for my current week and one on the top for my current month. I do the color coding, sticky note, write it down at once cross it off methods as well :) oh and stickers make everything way more interesting as you said :)

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  5. Hey Dorothy!
    I just wanted to say how much I love your organizational posts- keeping my schedule and space organized are my weaknesses so this help is much appreciated! I never knew that organizing an agenda could be so bright and pretty- I'm truly grateful for the inspiration and motivation!
    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Great post! This gave me so many different ideas on how I should organize my planner!

    Sophia B.

  7. Oh my! Dorothy, I love your stickers! I did not know you could get extra Lilly stickers, but I will definitely be buying some! Thanks!

  8. This is a great post! I always fall of using my planner at some point in the semester, but I really want to and need to stick with it this year! I really hope these tips help! And my new planner that I'm super pumped plum paper planner! yay!

    My Pop of Color

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