Monday, September 29, 2014

Fun Ways To Be Active Without Hitting The Gym

After a fantastic parent's weekend here at Furman I will definitely need to take some of these to heart. The weekend was so fun and filled with its fair share of food that was a nice change from our typical dining hall meals. Honestly, last night it was hard to get back in the swing of college food after so many delicious meals with even better company.

Regardless, there are so many ways to walk off that slice of cake (or two in our case) that don't involve going to the gym. In college it can be especially difficult to make the time for working out and everything else in your agenda (organization strategies here) so that's why I try to multitask. Surprisingly, I really like going to our workout center (see my weekly workouts here) but for a change of scenery and intensity here are some of my favorite fun ways to be active without hitting the gym!


Be sure to let me know your favorite ways to workout without going to the gym in the comments. Clearly I really enjoy participating in all of these activities with friends so I'd love to hear any ideas you may have!

Happy Monday!


  1. Great tips, I love the going on a hike one because going on hikes with friends doesn't even seem like exercising, it's a great way to have fun plus be active.

  2. I love walking my dog and talking to my sorority sisters, I actually have a schedule of who I walk with on what days! It is a nice way to catch up and enjoy being outside together

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