Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Classics

Hello crisp air, layered looks, and riding boots! I love how effortless it is to get dressed in the Fall! I know a lot of people were hoping for an endless summer but I definitely love fall! Whether it be for the weather, football, leaves on the ground, or my personal favorite, the ease of finding an outfit! Throw on a sweater, jeans (or even leggings), your favorite socks, and riding boots and you're good to go!

Below I have gathered my Fall Wardrobe Classics that act as basics ready to be paired together in order to create a put together look perfect for any autumn day! Mixing these pieces with trendier pieces allows you a plethora of looks all because you have the basics!

barbour jacket (also love this quilted barbour look alike jacket) | quilted vest | field style jacket | socks
cords | jeans (my favorite pair!) | paper bag skirts
plaid button down | swing tees (these are the most comfortable tees ever, I own them in every color)

What are your fall wardrobe essentials?


  1. I agree it is easier to get dressed in the fall. There are so many cute options!

  2. Getting dressed for fall is so easy! It's fun to wear classic pieces that will never go out of style with new fall trends.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Fall fashion definitely gets me excited - even though we only have a super short autumn here it's still one of my most fave seasons!

    The Life & Times of Belle

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