Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekly (Gym) Workout Routine / "Fit" For A College Girl

Lately I have had an increased number of emails based solely upon fitness and what I do to stay in shape. After responding to the emails I figured this would be perfect for a post idea! While I am definitely working to become more fit and have been frequenting the gym a decent bit since the end of summer I am hoping my efforts pay off in order to get back into a daily gym schedule upon returning back to school!

I find working out easier when I have a daily schedule. 

Above are some of my gym necessities! Fortunately, this photo was taken right before I got new running shoes! The ones shown above are the Brooks Ghost 6 (so comfortable and great if you have high arches like me) and I recently snagged the Brooks Ghost 7 (an updated version of what I previously had, I have it in silver/mulberry).

For me, exercising is a great and productive way to take a study break! I tend to either take a run around the lake or head to the gym!

If you don't have a gym to go to I have some great at home workouts on my get fit pinterest board!
I also adore watching youtube video workouts! My favorite is blogilates!

Behold, my week of college workouts!

Call me crazy, but I prefer to do squat workouts in my dorm room as opposed to in the gym!
Sometimes, I mix up which days I do each exercise but this is a great way to hit everything in the week! I am also a huge fan of intervals and increased resistance or incline to get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time!

What are some of your favorite workouts?


  1. Great article! And cute water bottle lol

  2. Athlete=Mathlete????

  3. Love this article, thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love blogilates! and the tone it up videos, they are so motivating, pretty and positive!

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