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What I Received For Christmas 2020

 Happy New Year! I hope that y'all made the most of NYE even if it was celebrated in your living room.

I was considering not doing this post this year, but after quite a few Instagram DMs requesting it, I am delivering on it. As a general reminder, my birthday is the day after Christmas, so this is not only what I received for Christmas, but also my birthday. I felt so spoiled by the gifts I was given this year and am very appreciative of the thought I know that was put into each one. 

If you missed it, I shared My Christmas/Birthday Wish List in this post, and you’ll see many of those items here too. I think what made unwrapping presents this year so fun is that there were some surprises to be opened! I love surprises but know (thanks to my friends) that I can be hard to shop for, so I often don’t end up with too many of them, but I had some friends and family members really nail it this year! The gifts I received are doing an excellent job of confirming that I’m getting older, given my excitement over household items for cleaning, sleeping, and cooking! 

If you're interested in seeing what I gave for Christmas then click over to this post! 

I’ve done my best to include most of the items received above, but I have also gone into detail about some of the items beneath the image. If you scroll further down in this post, you’ll find the same image seen here that is clickable so that you can click on an item you’re interested in to be taken to where you can purchase it. 

products linked left to right, row by row
row 3: angels collection bamboo sheets (can't seem to find these online) // tuckernuck reversible vest // harney and sons "paris" tea // monthly k-cup subscription box

Glow Wild Tickets 

We’ll start with a more “childish” exciting gift before I get overly excited about the rest of my gifts that tend to scream, “I’m getting older.” The Birmingham Zoo sets up a light show around the zoo from late November through mid-January, and after driving by it and seeing it in year’s past, I was determined to go this year. I never found a time before Christmas and had mentioned wanting to go to Hunter, and on my birthday, he sent me a screenshot of tickets for us to go. He’s already been once this year with his family, so I have to give him credit for remembering that I wanted to go and being willing to go back with me!

Dyson Vacuum (in and out of stock for less here)

In my blog post with my wish list, I joked that this was my “reach” gift of the holiday season. When it was wrapped up, I was convinced it was this shoulder massager from my list and was shocked to see it was a vacuum box on Christmas morning. I asked my family to skip me when it got to be my turn to open presents the next time around so that I could put it together and charge it. I feel a little bit like Monica from Friends being this excited over a vacuum, but it’s something I would never have bought myself that I am thrilled to have.

Ninja Foodi

Sticking with the household items I’m thrilled to own, the Ninja Foodie was the one thing I knew I wanted when I first started putting together my wish list. I sent my parents a link at some point in November when it went on sale and my mom not so subtly told me that my dad was ordering it (so much for it being a slight surprise). The box is huge and heavy, and I know I’ll need to follow recipes for a while to get the hang of how to use it, but I am so excited to now have both an air fryer and pressure cooker (instant pot) in one! 

Angel Collection Bamboo Sheet Set (I'm not positive where to find them online)

My boyfriend’s parents were so sweet to think of me and purchase a few gifts that I am so excited to use. I am especially thrilled about this sheet set that they gave me. While staying at their lake house over the summer, I had to know what sheets were on the bed in the room I stayed in because they were by far the softest and most comfortable sheets I had ever slept on. I hadn’t seen where to find them online and had kind of given up my search a few weeks after being there. It didn’t take me long to wash these and put them on my bed once I got back to Birmingham! 

Tuckernuck Reversible Vest

Another surprise gift on Christmas morning was from my brother and sister-in-law, Shannon. Shannon has done a great job shopping for me in year’s past (my favorite gold ring was given to me by her last year!), and she really nailed it this year. We’ve talked about my love of Tuckernuck before, so I was thrilled to see their branding as I opened up my present from them. Inside was this adorable hunter green reversible vest that I had seen and loved on their site (and even included in this post). I was so excited about it that I even put it on for our Christmas dinner and can’t wait to continue to wear it this winter and in years to come. 

Monthly Artisan K-Cup Subscription & Spa Gift Card

I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to exchanging gifts with Hunter since there hasn’t been a gift exchanging holiday in the time that we’ve been dating, but he nailed it. He knows that I love coffee and found an artisan k-cup subscription service to send my way. I think the first box will arrive in January, and I’m interested to start trying it out. On top of that (and a pair of Lululemon joggers in my favorite color), I opened my email on my birthday to discover a spa gift card too! I’m not usually one to treat myself to a manicure or pedicure, but I enjoy them when I decide to treat myself. My roommate and I had talked about going to get a couple’s massage instead of exchanging gifts this year, and whether she joins me or not, I’ll most definitely be using my gift card for a massage or too since I’ve never actually gotten one! 

Barre 3 Class Pass and Tucketts

I hope to visit Sophia in Greenville when I’m in town for a wedding in 2021, and she was thinking ahead when she purchased a Barre3 class pass for me to use while there. I did Barre3 pretty consistently my junior and senior year in college (and some while teaching, too), and she now works at the front desk there and has also gotten hooked. It will be so fun to be back in the studio to take a class, and coupled with Tucketts (my favorite barre socks), it was such a thoughtful and useful gift. 

Glamorous Wash Detergent & Sachets in Diva

If there’s a bad habit I get y’all hooked on, I really hope it’s fancy laundry detergent. It wouldn’t be a holiday without receiving a new bottle or two of Tyler’s Glamorous Wash Detergent in the Diva scent! Use a cap full of it and a fragrance-free detergent of your choice to have the best smelling laundry around! I was also excited to get some of the sachets in the same scent this year. I like to put them in my pajama and workout clothing drawers to make those pieces smell even more amazing! 


Although this wasn’t technically a Christmas present since I had to get new tires put on my car in October, my parents very kindly offered to help with part of this purchase, which I’m very grateful for given how expensive new tires are! I had asked for a tire IOU last year for Christmas, which they laughed at, but I do appreciate them offering a bit of financial assistance to convince me to go ahead and get it done when the dealership said it was time. 

Shop everything featured above below by clicking on the items directly in the image! 

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