Thursday, January 21, 2021

Valentine's Gift Idea For Guys

 Now that we are officially in the second half of January, I figured it was about time to share an updated gift guide with you. After sharing so many different guides over the holiday season, I did my best to develop creative new gifting ideas to couple alongside popular favorites for those of you questioning what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day. 

I have included a variety of price points that hopefully you’ll be able to find something worth gifting no matter if you’re shopping for a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. I know guys may not tend to embrace this holiday quite as fully as pink and red loving girls do, but many of these ideas are equal parts practical while still being fun. I have included links to the items featured directly beneath this image.

yeti cooler bag // Keurig coffee maker // Lululemon abc pants // red clay hot honey // royal highnies boxer set // grilling spices // lab tie // loafers // rivals for Catan 2 player game // breakfast sandwich maker // college town wall art // flannel shirt // shaving kit // collar stays // beer case // pistachio tray // mlb tumbler // extended length phone charger // blue pullover // bounce ball game // Lululemon shorts // desk golf // whiskey glasses // drone // leather catch all // slippers // olive backpack // hat // mini theragun // cooking multi-tool // snoop Dogg's cookbook // microwave noodle cooker // AirPods // mizzen main pullover // leather charger // neck massager // tile // portable speaker // cotton joggers // sunglasses // our place always pan // all birds // hyperchiller // phone magnet // dude diet dinner time // collapsible cutting board // le labo fragrance discovery scent set // custom dog socks // waxed duffle bag // boy smells candle // mesh grilling bags // device charger // indoor flame // bean boots 

And for even easier shopping, you can click on the items directly in the image below to be taken to where they can be purchased. 

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