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My Favorite Products of 2020

 Nothing makes me feel quite as much like Oprah as putting together a list of my favorite products from the past year and sharing it here with y’all! From purchases made, the list I keep on my phone that reminds me of specific items to share, and looking back through blog posts & Instagram posts, I’ve compiled my favorite products of the year. It won’t take long for y’all to realize that most of these items were perfect for time at home lounging and working there. There’s some overlap from last year’s posts since some of these items will be staples for me regardless of the year! 

Monopoly Deal

Where would we all have been this year without board and card games, puzzles, and various crafts. Playing games was the perfect way to take a break from screen time and escape for a bit, and Monopoly Deal tops them all as my favorite of the year. I ordered a deck from Amazon in the summer and have since given the game as a gift and have gotten many friends hooked on it too. It’s everything you love about Monopoly in a quick 15-minute game that’s equal parts strategy and luck. It’s been a bit since I’ve played, so if you’re one of my friends in Birmingham, I hope you’re ready to pick it back up, stat! 

Weezie Robe

I have had my eyes on Weezie Robes since the company got its start but never could bring myself to splurge on their short-sleeve style. Well, when I received an email about them ordering the wrong color, pink piping on their short sleeve robe, I took the plunge and am so glad I did. It’s perfect to wear after showering while procrastinating drying my hair, and the short sleeves make it so that I don’t get too hot wearing it while I do blow-dry. 

Nordstrom Diamond Necklace

A random *add to cart* has turned into an accessory I don’t take off. I purchased it during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and think even at full price, it would be worth the purchase. They have different shaped diamonds and metal options, so you can easily select something that matches the jewelry you already own. 

Nivea Cream

My skin tends to get really dry in the winter, but also year-round around my eyes, so I need some sort of thick lotion to keep it hydrated. I had heard that this Nivea cream has the same ingredients as La Mer (admittedly have not researched the truth behind this), but I’ll believe it because it works wonderfully. It smells a bit like a baby lotion but is thick and really has helped to rehydrate my skin. At under $10 for a GIANT container of it, I can’t imagine switching to anything else. Here's a smaller sized container of it that's great for travel! 

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Another year of the Revlon Hair Dryer brush making the list! I am not a fan of my hair when it dries naturally. It’s a weird mix of curly/frizzy/all over the place, and I’d much rather dry it instead of look like Hagrid from Harry Potter. This drying brush makes it easy to control the way I’m styling it while simultaneously drying it. As a pointer, let your hair air dry a bit before taking this to it, and be sure to spray a heat protectant (this is the one I use) since you are getting the heated barrel so close to your hair. 

Glamorous Wash Diva Detergent

What more can I say about the best smelling detergent out there? I think I will write a blog post professing my love for this product so that I can send y’all directly there anytime I want to hype up this product. It is one “bad habit” (only because of the price) I am happy to share with others. I use the Diva smell, and it has become my signature scent. A cap full of this (don’t worry, the cap is small) and some of my favorite fragrance-free detergent leaves my laundry smelling heavenly. 

Amazon Slippers

For Christmas, I just received a new pair of Amazon slippers that I’m excited to try out after falling in love with this pair of Amazon slippers and wearing them through the sole thanks to plenty of extra time at home. I originally purchased them to complete this DIY post for y’all and loved the way they turned out. But even without painting on them, they have been such a comfy pair of slippers! I like that they are tight on your foot and that I can easily slide them on and off as needed. 

Lake Pajamas

Y’all know how much I love pajama sets, and my obsession with Lake Pajamas only fuels that. My favorite style that I own is the long sleeve top with shorts, but you truly can’t go wrong with any of their pajamas. I’ve only ever owned the ones made of Pima cotton and asleep dress (that style isn’t currently available), so I don’t have any helpful comments on their new women’s boxers or wear out and about pieces. I stick to a small in them, and if I were in the market for a new pair, I think these are the ones I’d get. They do a couple of big sales each year that I always share with y’all, so if you have patience, then definitely stay tuned for those in the future. 

Amazon Sports Bra

We probably all Amazon primed more than we wanted to this year, but with the ability to ship quickly and avoid a trip to the store, it made sense. One Amazon discovery that I bought more of is this racerback sports bra. I love that it doesn’t feel like it’s tugging on my shoulders and is long enough that it could be worn as a top if I were working out at home. These have held up really well in the washer and dryer, and I’d say run true to size. If one of these is in my sports bra bin, it’s what I opt to wear over any other sports bra (even Lululemon) I own.


I don’t know how my roommate and I would have survived both working from home without our AirPods. We could tune one another out when zooming, feel like we didn’t have to yell into our computers to be heard during meetings, and could listen to podcasts or music while cooking even if one another was still working. And that’s just the beginning. I wrote a whole post answering the question ‘are AirPods worth the cost’ here and stand by my answer. Mine are currently missing in action, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed about losing something (and I once lost a David Yurman bracelet if that tells you how much I love my AirPods). Side note, I do not lose things often and beat myself up over it when I do. Say a little prayer that I left them somewhere at my desk at work; otherwise, I will be distraught. And yes, I do know about the find my iPhone/AirPods feature on my phone.

Makeup Eraser

If you’re still using makeup wipes or makeup remover and cotton rounds, add this to your cart and give those a break for good. I have had mine for over a year, and even with washing it at least once a week, it still works its magic. All you need is the cloth (which comes in multiple colors), and water and the Makeup Eraser gently removes your makeup, even waterproof mascara. 

Organix Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner

Mid-way through this year, I realized that my Olaplex shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in product were over strengthening (yes, it’s a thing) my hair to the point where it wasn’t falling naturally and almost felt stiff. While I still use those products on occasion, I have been using Organix shampoo and conditioner and love how it makes my hair feel. It’s also nice that it’s more affordable and can easily be purchased at the drugstore. 

Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer

At first, when working from home, it was really nice not to have to get ready every day. But eventually, I realized staying in comfy clothes and not using time to get ready in the morning was also impacting my productivity. While I didn’t want to necessarily put on a full face of makeup, this Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Moisturizer and a little bit of mascara made me feel more motivated and put together. I only use this in the summer since it does give you a summer looking glow, but it’s so nice to have one product to throw on that moisturizers while providing an even skin tone and glow. 

Reusable K-Cup

Not only does this reusable k-cup allow me to use any ground coffee in my Keurig, but it also helps me to save money and help the environment. If you have a Keurig machine and are still relying solely on store-bought K-Cups, consider purchasing this instead!  My roommate even uses them now too! 

Café Bustelo Coffee

Speaking of coffee, Café Bustello’s Ground Coffee has been one of my favorite coffees to put into my reusable K-Cup. You can buy it in a tin (which I’ve done in the past), but I’ve also found it in what looks like a brick at Aldi, and it’s less expensive. To make your ground coffee last even longer, you can store it in the freezer! 

Amazon Sweater

I know this is a more recent purchase, but it still makes this list for a reason! It’s an almost identical dupe for this Free People sweater, although the Amazon version is a third of the price. I originally got the white one in size small, and after sharing it with y’all on Instagram, so many of you purchased it as well. I received the black one for Christmas and am excited to have it to throw on with leggings to stay cozy while we continue to work from home to kick-off 2021. 

Brooks Running Shoes

Where would we all be this year without a pair of walking/running shoes? I wish I had started keeping track of how many miles I walked as the world shut down because I think I’d be really impressed. Long walks seemed to be my saving grace as a break from being at home, and Brooks’ Ghost shoe line has been my favorite for years. With many other running shoes, I have to get a custom insole, but with these, they are good to go right out of the box.

Barrington Gifts St. Charles Yacht Tote

Barrington Gifts has made it on my list in years past, so as a brand, it’s no surprise that it’s one of my favorites. But this year, I discovered a new favorite from the brand, the St. Charles Yacht Tote. I shared a comparison blog post between it and the St. Anne Tote (my everyday work bag), where I explain that this has become a favorite tote for road trips. The size is so nice for throwing things in at the last minute, and I know it’ll continue to accompany me anytime I travel by car in 2021 too.

Ashley Wood Designs Earrings

I didn’t have very many excuses to get dressed up this year, but when I did, I wore these Ashley Wood Design earrings (here and here). If you’re looking for a fun new pair to get you excited about future occasions, her designs are unique and affordable. 

Pilot Easy Touch Pen

A very random favorite that I discovered at work is the Pilot Easy Touch Pen. We have these at work, and I have found that they are my favorite for to-do lists and work calendar. There’s really not that much exciting to it, but it has a really fine tip and doesn’t smear, so that’s a win in my book.

The Daily Edited Phone Case

After getting a new phone for Christmas in 2019, I wanted to purchase a phone case that would withstand the test of time and look like me. I had heard great things about The Daily Edited and had a lot of fun customizing my case. I went with a navy case so that it wouldn’t ever appear dirty and got a light blue and white stripe with my initials on it. This case has held up beautifully and is protective too! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I wish I knew how many bottles of this dry shampoo I’ve used over the years. Occasionally in PR packages, I’ll receive other brands to try out, but I always return to this one. I like being able to spray dry shampoo on my hair right before leaving the house without having to worry about my hair looking white. This one smells good and has made it so that I can wash my hair less often, which I consider a major win.

Contenders discovered too late that I love: Madewell Pullover // Anne Murphy Bracelets // Gap Leggings (specifically this pair and this pair).

You can shop all of these items above using the links or click directly on them in the image below. 

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