Friday, January 29, 2021

Where To Find Affordable Needlepoint Canvases & Canvases I Am Interested In Stitching

Most of y’all are probably doing a double-take at this post since I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve mentioned needlepoint on here. The other day I asked y’all on Instagram stories for recommendations of places to find affordable needlepoint canvases, and so many people were eager for me to share the suggestions. Since blog posts live on longer than Instagram stories (and I’m not looking to clog anyone’s feed), I consolidated your answers here. 

Before I get into all of those, I want to say thank you to all of you who responded, but also all of your suggestions are so great that I have now bookmarked so many different canvases I want to do now. I’ll share my needlepoint stitch-list (although I’ve yet to order any) at the end of this post in case you’re overwhelmed by all these great new needlepoint canvases. I need to go ahead and order one or two since a few of my friends are already all-aboard on the idea of us starting a stitch club, which sounds so fun! 

While all of your suggestions were beyond helpful, one reader, Elizabeth G, sent me so much helpful information via DMs. She was kind enough to allow me to share what she told me with y’all, so I am going to start with her wonderful suggestions. She even sent me some of her eBay finds, and I was impressed by some of the deals there! 


I can usually find fun ones under $40. You might look through 10 pages of vintage canvases to find one you are interested in, but you will certainly find about 20 along the way that are a good chuckle. I have found some great 60’s/70’s ones on there under $40 that aren’t like anything in stores. 


This isn’t a general rule per se, but some small independent canvas designers only sell there instead of wholesale to stores, and their prices can be more affordable, especially when looking at ornament rounds or key chains. For instance, I have gotten a few canvases from My Pink Sugar Life. 

Needlepoint Destashing Consignment Places

Great canvases at a discounted price. Sometimes offered preworked with some stitching in already. It can be worth the effort to buy the preworked canvas and rip out those stitches after it arrives.

Trunk Shows

Trunk shows at stores that may or may not be your LNS (local needlepoint store). Stores almost often host truck shows that have a different designer each month of the year. The trunk show will offer a discount on that designer’s canvases. If you have your heart set on a specific canvas, it’s worth seeing if a shop has a trunk show for that designer. 

Sale Sections Online

Especially given the pandemic, more and more stores are placing their inventory online, including sale canvases. Like any sale section, those can be hit or miss, but can definitely produce some real steals!

Following stores/designers on Insta help you keep track of trunk shows and store sales.”

Here are some of the other suggestions y’all offered via Instagram of where to find affordable needlepoint canvases.

Morgan Julia Designs

Lycette Designs

Chapel Hill Needlepoint

Needlepoint by Laura

Hobby Lobby & Michael’s

Needlepainters (Jessica Tongel is my favorite)

Penny Linn Designs

Local Needlepoint Store (ours in Birmingham is Magic City Needlepoint, which I think Nell and I need to take a field trip to)

Silver Needle

Pip & Roo

Eye of the Needle (Lexington)

Augusta Needlepoint


JoAnn Fabric

Thorn Alexander

Hook and Harbor Co

Le Point

Needlepoint This

Sassi Stitch

Pocket Full of Stitches

KC Needlepoint

Frances Mary Needlepoint

When I saw some of these suggestions and was shopping for my favorites, I couldn’t help but smile because I happened upon an Etsy shop where my mom and I ordered some adorable needlepoint keychains that she stitched for my friends for our high school graduation. My mom has quite the stash of projects in Fairhope, so I have a feeling next time I’m home, I’ll be asking for her expertise and to maybe raid her stash. I can already picture my dad rolling his eyes when he walks into the living room to find my mom and me stitching together over glasses of wine. 

From all your suggestions and the deep dive I did while hunting for cute projects, below are some of my favorite finds. You’ll notice that I tried to stick to things with straighter lines to make things easier for myself as I get started, but below this image is a scrollable widget that will let you shop any canvas I thought was cute while creating this post! 

 Taco Mama // Staying In Is The New Going Out // Ice Cream Truck

Furman University Round Ornament // Piñata  // Pink Mixer Ornament

Bluebell Vanilla Ice Cream // Plum Christmas - Merry // Waffle House

Oysters on the Half Shell // I Would Prefer Not To // Rose and Macarons 


  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful post about affordable needlepoint! As someone who's always looking for great deals on needlepoint canvases (it's expensive!), I appreciate this list. Just wanted to add I also came across a great designer on ebay called They print their designs vs. paint but they are pretty good!

  2. I found this craft site that has many canvases priced from $10-20. I got an 8x10 Halloween design for $9.99 They are printed not painted. On the site, they have several pages of canvases. Check it out


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