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January 2021 Q&A

 It has been since November since I last shared a Q&A with y’all, and you know that means things have been busy since these are posts I look forward to sharing. I always ask for the questions I answer from y’all on Instagram, and, interestingly, some topics tend to be recurring in a single month and then don’t come up again. Maybe that’s based on the things I’ve shared on social media, but it still is interesting to me to hear what you want to know about. This months are a little all over the place, but hopefully, answer your questions. 

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Do you have a favorite boat tote? Looking for a new one that can preferably be monogrammed!
Growing up, we used to move down to our beach house for the month of July and probably had one of every size imaginable of L.L. Bean’s boat totes. Some were monogrammed, some had a last name on them, but most of them were plain aside from the colored straps. I don’t know when some of them were purchased, but many of them are still in use to this day. I can’t think of a boat tote without thinking of those from L.L. Bean, and the canvas material would be a really pretty backdrop to a monogram! 

What is the #1 thing you need for your first apartment?
Wow, this is a tough one. Since I lived on campus all four years in college in semi-furnished dorms and apartments, I pretty much had to start from scratch. I didn’t even have a bed frame or mattress, so I don’t know if you’re thinking of this more décor based or practicality wise, but I think a comfy mattress topper would be my answer. My mattress was comfortable enough, but putting a Tempurpedic topper on it made an amazing difference! 

What is your daily makeup routine, and what do you use?
I’m not very adventurous when it comes to makeup, and it pretty much hasn’t changed since this post

Most essential makeup product?
I think something as simple as putting on mascara can make a big difference, so I guess my L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara would be my most essential product. 

What does sleeping in mean to you? 
Oh gosh, that depends on if it’s a weekday or weekend. On weekdays sleeping past 6:15 feels like sleeping in since I’d prefer to get up and get going. I used to get up earlier on weekends but have been trying to relax more, which has meant sleeping later. Sleeping in on weekends to me would mean any time after 8:00 or 8:30.

Starting a blog – what are all the tips and what you wish you knew?
I wrote some posts on this a long time ago, which I’ve linked here, but I think my top tip would be to use WordPress, whether .com or .org. I started with blogger since that was the platform to use at the time, and getting all the content on my site switched from blogger to WordPress has been a bit of a headache.

Would you ever want to be a full-time blogger/influencer?
While there’s no question in my mind that blogging could be a full-time job, I’m not sure it’s something I am interested in doing as my sole profession. The beauty of my blog is that it has already served as a creative outlet so relying on it to be my only form of income while being my own boss is something that I think I would overthink and, in turn, not enjoy as much. For now, I’m content on having it as a side gig, although there are occasions when I wish I could devote more time to it.

What are your favorite lululemon leggings?
I wish I knew the names of the lululemon leggings I have since I do love them but couldn’t tell you what they are. I know they aren’t the align leggings, which get a lot of hype, but they are all full length and the luxtreme material if that helps. These look pretty similar!

Weight loss tips? 
I have no advice for you on this topic. I’m lucky that my metabolism is still, for the most part working in my favor, but I also enjoy working out, which helps. I don’t really restrict what I eat and am a firm believer in moderation, so I don’t feel qualified to give tips on this. 

How long have you been dating your boyfriend?
We’ve been dating since mid-March, so ten months or an entire pandemic if you’d rather think of it that way, haha. 

What has it been like to be in a new relationship during COVID (coming from someone who also was in a brand-new relationship when quarantine started)?
I don’t really know any different. I’ve gone on plenty of dates and even enough dates with the same guy that it would have been easier just to call them a boyfriend, but technically he’s my first boyfriend, so I don’t have much to compare it to necessarily. I honestly think it gave us a lot more time to hang out and get to know one another quicker than if life had been more normal (and busier), and the frequency in which we could hangout would’ve been less. Aside from my roommate during the months of March and April, he was one of the few other people I saw, so it was nice that we were able to spend a lot of time at the beginning of COVID and our relationship getting to have a lot of the conversations that take much longer to come out when you’re only seeing one another two or three times a week.  I also loved that our time spent together was doing things that could be viewed as more mundane but are more representative of real life. Aside from lots of walks and playing tennis, we were completely comfortable playing games, watching movies, or cooking, making it easier to differentiate whether I liked him or whether I liked the dates we went on since we weren’t able to go anywhere. The first restaurant we ate at together was a waffle house in May, so I was pretty confident I liked him and not just fun date activities. 

So, in short, I think it has been a good thing since we were able to move beyond surface-level conversations quicker and enjoy spending time doing normal every-day things together. 

What are your favorite things about Birmingham? I’m considering moving there from Nashville.
I haven’t been to Nashville in a long time, so the things I’m listing about Birmingham may have overlap with Nashville, and I’m just unaware. I love that despite being a large city, Birmingham has so many different pockets of neighborhoods that give it more of a small-town feel that I’m used to. I love being closer to home (compared to when I was in Greenville, SC) and feeling like most of the people I meet will have some sort of overlap (whether that be interest or people). The restaurant scene is also really nice, as is the fact that there are plenty of things to do outside (especially convenient during COVID).

If I didn’t get to your question this round, feel free to leave it as a comment or reach out via email or Instagram, and I’ll do my best to include it in next month’s post.

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