Monday, February 3, 2020

Step Into My Week 2.3

I woke up this morning wishing I had one more day of the weekend, especially given that yesterday was one of those rare, warm February days. Since I don’t have an additional day and today is Monday, I may as well cope by sharing a new Step Into My Week post filled with everything I’ve been up to this past week. 

I started Monday with my last Christmas shoot for a while (at least I hope) in Trussville. This family had nine Christmas trees and a lot of Christmas spirit. One of their previous houses had been featured in an issue in 2013, so it was interesting to see somewhat they changed and kept the same when it came to their decorations The husband told the photographer and me that they start decorating in late September/early October which was mind-blowing to me. I’m sure by the time we left at 3:00 they were ready to undecorate after so much time with their house decked. I went back to the office after the shoot to unpack to make the next day at my desk as productive as possible. I left the office around 5:00 to meet Macy for a true40 class at the downtown studio. We grabbed dinner at Real and Rosemary after to take back to her house to watch The Bachelor with our friends. 

I woke up on Tuesday morning not feeling great but powered through with meetings in the morning and a long to-do list. I pulled props for my shoot the following day after my meeting and spent most of the afternoon working through my expense report. After work, I went to true40 for a workout before grabbing dinner with my friend Kate at Taco Mama. I got home around 8:00 and quickly showered, took Nyquil, and was asleep before 9:00.

On Wednesday, I had an all-day photoshoot for Southern Cast Iron focused on Winter Citrus. We had six different recipes and needed enough shots to fill ten pages. Between shots, I was able to send a roundup from what I saw at Market to two different teams, and I worked on a PowerPoint to share with the other stylists at our next team meeting. I still wasn’t feeling great when I left work but was able to go to the Y to get a Peloton workout in before coming home to make dinner, shower, and go to bed. 

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling a little bit better and started my day by clearing off my cart and putting props away. I prioritized packing up returns at my desk so that my shelves would be cleared, and that felt SO good. I had some other returns that needed to be made and general desk work to do before leaving to head to a 4:30 true40 class at the Cahaba location. After that, I went to the Y for a quick Peloton workout. I did some blog work from my bed after eating dinner and rinsing off. 

On Friday morning, I slept in a little bit, showered, and went to Starbucks before work. I finished and sent off photo worksheets for my following week’s shoots, pulled props, and began working on an inspiration board for a shoot happening at the end of February. I ate lunch before leaving the office and then went straight to Maison Shoppe in Mountain Brook village to help the owner, Pam, take photos and create content for her social media. She is so sweet and has a great eye that I’m excited to be helping her out with this. We finished that around 5:00, and I went home to relax for a bit before a friend from Furman came to visit. She was staying with us on the way to the beach, so we decided to catch up over a bottle of wine and small plates at Freddy’s Wine Bar. We went to Mountain Brook Creamery after that and all were ready for an early bedtime. 


I had a slow morning on Saturday before taking a 9:30 true40 class and meeting with the owner briefly afterward. On my way home from that, I picked up a coffee at Church Street and showered so that would be done before the plumbers came to our house to fix the issue we’ve been having with our water (I am convinced there is always something going wrong at a given time at our house). I left the house again around 2:20 to pick up Nell and meet some friends at a candle making class at PaddyWax at the Summit. PaddyWax is a Nashville based company that sells their candles in a variety of stores (think Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters) and has recently opened a storefront in Birmingham where you can buy their merchandise and make candles. The seven of us had a great time choosing our vessels and scents and sipping champagne while learning how to make candles. The class lasted about an hour, and I dropped Nell off (and put my laundry in the dryer at her house since we were water-less) before heading to Trussville for dinner for the Birmingham Southern KD Council and Advisors, which is something I’ve recently gotten involved with. After that, I went back to Nell’s apartment to hang out and get my laundry, and as I was leaving, Macy called me telling me to join her at Bourbon Street, a karaoke bar near my house. I was shocked by how much fun we had and how many different groups of people I knew were there. We stayed there until close to 1:00, and by the time I got home, I was so ready for bed.


I woke up on Sunday morning and made breakfast before heading to church. I went to Trader Joe’s on my way home and started cooking some chicken in the crockpot before heading to Macy’s house so we could go on a walk. We ended up going 5.4 miles with a pit stop for ice cream halfway through. The weather could not have been better (65 and sunny), and it definitely seems like the groundhog’s prediction of an early spring will be accurate. After that, I came home to make buffalo chicken dip and clean up before heading down the street to a friend’s Super Bowl party. We stayed there until around 8:00, and I spent more time looking at the appetizers than I did looking at the game. I put my laundry away and packed my bags for the week before finally going to sleep. 

I hope that y’all had a great week and weekend too! 

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