Friday, February 14, 2020

14 Things You May Not Know About Me

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that y'all have something fun planned for tonight or this weekend. Today's post is one I meant to post on my birthday with 25 things you may not know about me, but coming up with that many random facts was a challenge. Instead, today I am sharing 14 random fun facts. 

1.    I can’t stand bananas.
2.    I’ve never had a headache.
3.    I can’t swallow pills.
4.    I’m incredibly tone deaf.
5.    I show affection through sarcasm.
6.    I’ve never broken a bone.
7.    I used to have a dirt bike.
8.    I’m extremely private and do not like talking about feelings.
9.    My sense of humor is not what people initially expect.
10. I pretty much don’t go anywhere without a granola bar.
11. I know next to nothing about pop culture.
12. I don’t use amazon prime like most people and instead of purchasing whenever I need something from there I'll end up with a few things in my cart and then make my purchases.
13. I have really small earlobes.
14. My nostrils flare when I laugh really hard.

Hopefully you find this entertaining, and I'd love for you to share something fun about yourself with me in the comments below.

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