Monday, February 10, 2020

Step Into My Week 2.10

Do y’all ever have weeks where you feel like you can’t win? That was how I felt a couple of days this past week, and I’m beyond glad that Monday gets to serve as a fresh start. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be rainy again all this week, and given how much rain we had last week, it won’t be long until I feel like I have to swim to work with how waterlogged everything seems. 

Monday morning started relatively normal with a photo shoot at the office. It took a bit longer than the photographer, and I were expecting, but we were able to finish around 3:00, which wasn’t too bad. In the downtime between shots, I was able to schedule a few meetings and pull inspiration for a shoot later this month. Since I didn’t take a lunch (aka I ate while multitasking), I was able to make it to the 4:30 class at true40. Once that was over, I went home to shower before going to Macy’s house to watch The Bachelor. We were all shocked to discover that the episode was three hours long and were all beyond ready for bed by the time it was over.

On Tuesday morning, I unpacked my cart from the shoot the day before and began preparing for the other shoot I had on Thursday. I spent some time that morning preparing a PowerPoint for a meeting that day. In the afternoon, I was able to get a lot done at my desk while listening to the Crime Junkie podcast, which has become a recent favorite. After work, I worked out and went home to shower, eat dinner, and get some blog work done before going to bed. 

Wednesday morning, I was up early to meet Macy at the Cahaba location of true40 for their third birthday celebration glow in the dark class. I went home and showered quickly before heading into the office. I got some photo worksheets completed and sent those out before making returns, scheduling meetings, and setting up for the in-studio shoot I had the following day. After work, I came home to do a bit of blog work before bible study, which ended up being canceled because of bad weather. I also finally got the library book that was stuck in my nightstand drawer unstuck but not without shattering part of the glass on the nightstand, which was so frustrating. Since I was eager to do something, I went back over to Macy’s for the second Bachelor episode of the week. We were all a bit embarrassed to say that we watched five hours of the train wreck that is the show, but it’s a fun excuse to get together and hang out on a weeknight. 

Thursday morning, I woke up in a terrible mood that I couldn’t seem to kick. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in such a bad mood for no apparent reason, which just added to my frustration and, in turn, my bad mood. Luckily the shoot that was scheduled for the day was only one shot, and I had set it all up the day before, which made it easy. Aside from that, I spent most of the rest of the day doing various tasks at my desk. I didn’t take a lunch, so I left work early to go home and look for my AirPods (which are missing in action despite knowing exactly where I left them, womp) before going to the Y. I figured a workout would help my mood and 45 minutes with Ally Love instructing a Peloton class definitely helped some. After that, I came home, made dinner, and went to bed early. 

Friday, Macy and I were scheduled for a 5:15 true40 class before heading to work. I showered and headed to the office, where I started my day with a meeting with the other stylists. It was a great meeting since our boss brought King Cake for us to enjoy. I spent the rest of the day sending out emails for borrowing props and printed out photos from the previous shoots I’ve styled to put in our styling binders. After work, I ate lunch and took a nap before cleaning my room and doing some laundry. That night I had plans to go with friends to the Phoenix Club charity ball, so Macy came over beforehand to get ready together for the event. We met up with the group at our friend’s house for a pregame before making it to the event around 9:45. The event was at the Theodore in downtown Birmingham where there were 800 people. I ran into a bunch of people I knew since it seemed to be the place to be for young people in Birmingham that night. There was a band that I didn’t end up listening to for all that long since I was chatting with people and ended up not staying the whole time. I was asleep before 2 which was good since I had another big night the following day. 

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I woke up around 8 on Saturday and had a slow morning before packing to head to Nashville. Macy came over to bring me the earrings I had loaned her that I was planning to wear that night, and we hung out for a little while before getting brunch together at Woodlawn Cycle Café. I left for Nashville around 12:30 and got there around 3:30 when I met everyone who was already there at our friend Emma’s house. We were all there for our friend Dougie’s wedding and were dressed and ready around 5:15 so we could hang out and take some pictures before going. The ceremony started at 6:30 and lasted about 30 minutes before we went to the Belle Meade country club for the reception. Every detail was stunning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the nicest wedding I’ll attend. The band was a blast, and we all had so much fun dancing and singing along. I’m not even sure what time we left, but once we got back to the house, we called it a night

Sunday morning, I woke up earlier than I expected and packed my stuff up. We all hung out for a little bit before hitting the road. I made it back to Birmingham around noon, which was much sooner than I thought I would. I dropped my stuff off at my house and then went to Nell’s apartment, so we could go on a walk and catch one another up on the past week and our weekends. We ended up walking close to 4 and a half miles, and it was good to see her since we didn’t get to hang out the previous week since she had a big test on Friday. After that, I came home to shower and take a nap before going to a meeting at the KD house at Birmingham Southern since I am serving as one of their chapter advisors this year. From there, I went to Trader Joe’s to finally stock up on groceries for the week and called my parents on my way back to my house. I changed into pajamas, made dinner, and went ahead and cooked some food to have for the week before getting in bed around 9:00.

This week seems pretty manageable, so hopefully, even with the rain, it will be a good week! I hope that y’all enjoyed your past week and weekend.

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