Wednesday, February 19, 2020

How To Style Sneakers

After sharing so many cute (and affordable!!) sneaker finds in this post from last week, I had a specific request in the comments to share some ideas of how to style sneakers in a way that doesn’t look frumpy. I love hearing y’alls post requests and was so excited to work on this one! In a perfect world, I would have shot some photos of a bunch of ways I’ve styled my own sneakers to share here, but mirror pics and graphics featuring clothing pieces (that are currently available) will hopefully suffice since I didn’t quite plan ahead enough to take those photos over the weekend and in my defense it was pretty overcast on Sunday.

Styling sneakers can be tricky since no one wants it to look like they got lazy with their shoe choice, and instead, you want it to look intentional while still giving off the effortlessly cool vibe. Something I’ve come to realize over time is that I like to pair sneakers with something fitted (like a favorite pair of skinny jeans) or something girly (like a ruffled blouse). As of late, it feels like my outfit combination when styling sneakers is usually some sort of sweater, skinny jeans, and this pair of gold and white sneakers. While I could definitely add in some variety to my day-to-day outfits, it’s nice to have a uniform of sorts when getting ready. I’ve shared some of these outfits that I originally shared in Step Into My Week posts for you below to give you an idea. 


left // right

left // right


After looking at these outfits, I decided to brainstorm ways to style sneakers in a more exciting way featuring a few of my other favorite sneaker finds from this post. I am really looking forward to wearing dresses with sneakers when the weather warms up this spring, which inspired me to share a few different outfit ideas featuring this combination. To shop the pieces included below, you’ll want to scroll beneath the image to find the links to any of the pieces you may be interested in. 

top (front tucked) // jeans // sneakers // headband

dress // sneakers // sunglasses // earrings // would also look so cute with this jean jacket
jeans // sneakers // bag // sweater (front tucked)

You can shop some of these pieces and additional cute sneakers below:

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