Thursday, October 3, 2019

My Daily Schedule (Video)

Whenever I post a video to Youtube (which I’m trying to be more consistent with), I am constantly asked to share my daily routine with y’all. This tends to surprise me since I don’t find it to be all that interesting, which in turn leads me to put it off since, for the most part, it hasn’t changed since the last time I shared it. The second most highly requested video request I receive is for vlogs. Both of these requests remind me that we are all a little bit nosey and find others’ lives far more interesting than our own. With that in mind, I attempted to vlog two weekdays last week to share a better glimpse of what I’m up to with y’all. Since I am not the best at remembering to show every part of my day with y’all, I thought it might be interesting to share my general daily schedule to make the video a bit more comprehensive. 

I’ve mentioned over, and over that I am a routine person which makes the time slots below pretty consistent no matter the weekday given that I don’t have some sort of evening plans. As a quick note, I work long hours Monday-Thursday because we can take half days on Fridays, which may make my schedule slightly less relatable on Friday (but definitely a great job perk for me). So, here is what I’m generally up to during a given day.

5:30ish Wake Up
I need to get back in the habit of waking up closer to 5:15 but have been enjoying any and all sleep I can get lately. Once I am awake, I get out of bed and start to get ready for my day. I’m a little weird in that I do this in two separate stages, but this first one involves brushing my teeth, doing my hair, and putting on mascara. Once I’ve done that, it’s off to the kitchen to reward myself with a cup of coffee.

6:05 Make Breakfast and Read In Bed
I got in the habit of getting back into bed to read during my teaching days and love starting my day this way so much that I’ve continued to do it ever since. Breakfast consists of oatmeal, which I eat while reading New Morning Mercies and completing my Five Minute Journal.

6:25 Make Bed And Finish Getting Ready
6:25 is my mental alarm to get back out of bed and really get going with my day. This starts with me making my bed and then finishing putting on my makeup and getting dressed. Sometimes I’ll listen to music while doing this, but most of the time, I’m mentally going through a to-do list in my mind and end up forgetting to turn anything on. 

6:40 Make Lunch & Coffee
Aside from having to get up in the morning, making my lunch is probably my least favorite part of my routine. If I were smart about it, I would do this the night before, but that doesn’t always happen. Typically lunch consists of a salad or leftovers, and when it’s warm outside, I can be expected to walk out of the house with an iced coffee in hand. 

6:45 Drive to Work
I’m a big fan of driving and listening to music, so I really enjoy my morning commute. I go in the opposite direction of most Birmingham traffic, which makes it an easy (and enjoyable) way to start my workday. 

7:00-8:30 Respond To Emails and Write
I do my best to make a to-do list before I leave work so that I know exactly what I can start tackling first thing in the morning. Since our office has flexible scheduling, 7:00 is the earliest people start coming in with 8:30-9:00 being more typical. Since there aren’t many of us in at 7:00, this is when I am most productive and try to do any assignments that take more brainpower. Typically that is catching up on emails and working through writing assignments.

8:30-12:30 Start Tackling To-Do List
Once the office becomes more lively, I either continue working on what I’ve been doing or tackle other tasks on my to-do list (especially those that involve corresponding with coworkers). My day to day can vary a lot, so reading Step Into My Week posts will give you a better feel as to how I fill my time at lunch.

12:30-1:30 Eat Lunch
By the time 12:30 comes, my stomach has probably been audible about how hungry I am. I like to wait until 12:30 to eat, though, since it breaks up my day nicely, and we have a fun group of coworkers that typically eat at that time. Usually, we will sit outside on the balcony to catch up and spend our hour, and I am already dreading cold winter days that keep us inside the breakroom.

1:30-5:00 Continue With To-Do List
The rest of my afternoon is spent on my to-do list, which again can vary day to day. I know that I am more productive in the mornings, so if I have to package anything up or make returns, I’ll usually save them for the afternoon.

5:30 Workout
I have gotten into a really good habit of working out directly following work. Most days that is going to the Y to do some cardio, but lately, I’ve been adding in classes at True40 as well. Or if I’m feeling sore and less motivated, I’ll go for a walk with a friend in the neighborhoods near where I live instead. 

6:45 Head Home
The nice part about working out after work is that it breaks up my drive home, which makes it feel shorter. Once I’ve finished whatever activity I chose to do for the day, I’ll be on my way back to my house and usually make it there before 7:00.

7:00 Shower and Make Dinner
Even if I am not washing my hair, I shower at night so that I don’t get in my bed dirty. I like to do this before I make dinner, so I’m not standing around sweaty for too long. I do my best to meal prep on Sundays, which usually means that making dinner means heating up something I’ve previously cooked. 

7:30 Accomplish Blog Work & Hang Out
If I don’t have plans for the evening, the rest of my night is spent watching TV with my roommate while I multitask and try to accomplish some blog work. Sometimes I am more successful than others, but I do attempt to make life a little easier for myself by doing a lot of my blog work over the weekend.

9:30 In Bed 
My goal is to be in bed around 9:30 so that I can read for about 30 minutes before bed. I need to get back in this habit since recently I’ve opted to watch Gilmore Girls in bed instead.

10:00 Lights Out
When I was teaching, I created a 10:00 bedtime for my phone that has stuck with me since. I try to make sure my alarms are set, and my phone is down by 10:00 at night so that I can get plenty of sleep to gear up to do this all again the next day.

If you’d like to see this schedule in action, then feel free to watch my attempt at a vlog below! 

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