Monday, September 3, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Labor Day! I hope that y’all are enjoying the day off with friends doing something fun. I am officially in Birmingham spending the day trying to get semi-settled in before starting my new job tomorrow. In the same way that I was surprisingly calm and excited for the interview, I had for this position, I am relatively calm and very excited to have my first day tomorrow. First, there is a lot of moving in, organizing, and grocery shopping/meal prepping to be done today. If I don’t have the traditional Sunday scaries today, I’m taking that as a good sign!

This past week, like I mentioned in my last Step Into My Week post, was filled with long to-do lists trying to tie up loose ends in Fairhope before moving. I spent time writing a lot of text for blog posts in an attempt to get ahead at a coffee shop while also spending time sipping coffee at home with Scout and my brother. Monday night we went to a fundraiser for the preschool we attended which allowed us to see some people that we haven’t seen in a while which was fun. Tuesday, Gil and I ran some errands and did chores around the house, and Wednesday was a bit of the same as well plus some rain! That night, I went to a friends house to hang out before we both left town this weekend. Thursday was spent finishing up next week’s blog posts (I’ve gotten to the point where creating content is very time consuming, and I don’t understand why so it feels great to be ahead currently). My brother and I grabbed lunch together, I made cookies to take to the beach, and packed up what I brought home with me to load in my car on Friday. Friday morning I was up early to get the oil changed in my car before getting my room ready for my brother’s fiance, Shannon, to stay there the following week. She got in early that morning, so my brother picked her up from the airport while I finished things up at home before eventually meeting them at the beach.

Saturday was spent at the beach with most of my family, and although it rained, it was overall still pretty relaxing. We ate well, enjoyed the start of college football season, and enjoyed the sun when we could! Sunday morning it was off to Birmingham to start settling into my new house. Nell is living in Birmingham as well and helped me move my mattress and desk into my room while entertaining me as I unpacked. After that, we went to dinner with Nell's roommates at Five in Birmingham for their $5 burger deal before going on a walk near Nell's apartment. I am definitely glad to have time today to attempt to settle and get groceries before starting work tomorrow.


Since I finally finished Something In The Water last week at the beach, I was able to start something new. I’ve had Everybody, Always on my nightstand for a bit and was thrilled to finally get started on it. Bob Goff, the author, wrote another one of my favorite books, Love Does, and his newest book doesn’t disappoint. This is the perfect book to read a chapter of before bed and can easily be read while reading a novel. Reading this is making me want to re-read Love Does.

I forgot how much I love this movie. Since I am about to begin working for a publication, I found watching this movie to be very entertaining. While I know that my experience will not be like Andy's in the movie, it was still fun to watch! 

I am really trying to get better about publicizing my blog posts with followers. Sometimes it can be really discouraging to spend so much time writing posts and then not end up with much of a response. In part, that is my own fault. Often I forget to share the posts on Facebook and Instagram meaning that if followers don't loyally check the blog, they may have no way of knowing the content I've published. While at home the past couple of weeks, I've made posting to my blog's Facebook page a priority (feel free to give it a like). Next up is being better about sharing on Instagram stories (@prepinyourstep). 

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