Monday, August 27, 2018

Step Into My Week

It's my last week of "summer vacation" and to be quite honest, it is going to be filled with a long to-do list of little chores and packing that need to get done before heading to the beach this weekend and then officially moving into my house in Birmingham before starting work. I am hoping to spend some time preparing a number of blog posts to have on deck so that I have things to go live as I get adjusted. 

This week was a bit of that way as well. I feel like I haven't done a ton since getting home aside from behind the scenes sort of things. Because of that, I don't feel like these updates are especially fun. Fortunately, I've been getting a lot of sleep so hopefully, that stockpile will make it so that I do more fun things once I'm in Birmingham making these posts more fun as well.

At the beginning of this week, I was able to catch up with another friend who happens to be home currently before starting her job. We had plans to go kayaking but unfortunately, it has been raining a ton in the afternoon so it was too choppy. Instead, we biked on the boardwalk by the bay to the Grand Hotel for tea time. We ate a cookie, sipped some tea, and caught up with one another after way too long apart. 

I went on a few walks with our dog, Scout, who seems to be loving having playmates at home. On Wednesday, my dad and I drove to the airport to pick up my brother after his flight from California. My mom is thrilled to have both my brother and me at home at the same time. He will be in town for a week after me but is planning to come to Birmingham with his fiance (who will fly in Friday in time for our family beach trip) to visit which will be fun. He has been helping me with a few upcoming blog projects which has been entertaining, to say the least. Luckily, he is doing a pretty good job so I am hoping I can convince him to help with a few more pictures before he is completely over helping out. 

One afternoon this week, I came home to the sweetest gift from my friend Sophia as a congratulation for my new job. She sent me a Greetabl (which I sent Nell forever ago seen here). It was the most thoughtful treat and I am really looking forward to hanging the photos she included on my bulletin board once I move into my new place. You can get 15% off your first greetabl here!

This past weekend we went to the beach on Saturday morning and were able to go out on the boat while getting some maintenance done before everyone is there next weekend. I was able to read a book, enjoy sitting on the front porch and hang out with my family. Overall it was a relaxing weekend! 


I did it. After over a month trying to get through this book I finally finished it this past weekend. After hitting page 90 I flew through it. It stinks that it took so long to get into it, but once the plot thickened the book was intriguing! 

Watching: Southern Charm
I am officially on Season 5 of the show and am ready to get completely caught up. Ellison, my last roommate, told me I am not allowed to check or follow the characters on social media until I am caught up (which was a smart rule of her) so I'm ready to see what they are up to now! 

I can't help but love the prints and styles of everything from Brooke Wright Designs fall collection. Things are selling out quickly so if you are hoping to snag something you may want to do it quickly! You can see a top I have from the brand in this post

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