Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Workwear Finds + Where to Shop for Cute Office Attire

Hooray, it’s the first day of my new job, and I woke up pretty energized. Our house is still filled with moving boxes looking far from settled so as much as I wish that was in order, it’ll give me something to do until our wifi is installed! As I learned with our apartment this past year, I know it will take a while for our house to look put together, I am excited for boxes to be unpacked for us to really see what we need. It’s a big space to fill which you’ll see later this week.

In honor of my first day of my new job, I thought it would be fun to share some cute pieces I’ve found online that would be great workwear basics. I’ve realized that a teacher wardrobe is unique in that not all the pieces would be normal workwear for other professions. I will continue to share my work outfits in the same way that I shared my teaching outfits in Step Into My Week posts (and hopefully Instagram stories if I remember). You can shop my picks from a variety of great sites to look for work wear by clicking directly on the item in the graphic to shop!

Whether you need to dress business casual for work, a presentation, class, your sorority chapter meeting, or even just to feel more productive there are so many great places online to fit those needs! I hope that by sharing some of my go-to places, you were able to find some inspiration and items that fit your budget and your taste. I’d love to know where else I should shop as I see the need to expand my workday wardrobe!

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