Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy Tuesday! I know it’s a bit odd to be sharing a Step Into My Week post on Tuesday, but for those of you shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, I wanted you to have an idea on sizes as it got started. For those of you that haven’t shopped yet, the sale is still going on and is filled with great pieces at highly discounted prices. Fortunately, I am back today with lots of updates for y’all considering this past week was an eventful one.

I had just arrived in Birmingham in my last Step Into My Week post and have made a ton of progress with moving in and attempting to get settled since that update. Most of this happened over the weekend however since I started work on Tuesday. Speaking of work, that means sharing what I wore each day is back. You’ll have to forgive me for the mirror I had to use this past week to take photos of what I wore, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised next week with how I fixed this situation. I will say that our dress code at work gets to be pretty casual in that we are able to wear jeans which I know I’ll be taking advantage of much more as the weather cools off. For now, I’m liking to get to pair pieces in my closet in ways that may be a bit more creative than my typical teacher dress.

If you missed my post giving you an update on what I am doing now that I am not teaching, I am currently working as an Editorial Assistant for one of Hoffman Media Group’s publications. With all of my editorial experience online before this past week, it has been so eye-opening to see how ideas move from the writer’s head eventually into an issue. While I still have so much to learn I have been loving what I’ve learned so far. There is a test kitchen in the office, and my inbox seems to always have a new notification from one of the chefs or bakers about food to try in the break room. Talk about a dream. It was so surprising this summer and even recently how many of you commented (mostly through Instagram DMs) about how much happier and relaxed I seem. While I always agreed with y’all I left work on Tuesday smiling and feeling so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with such an awesome company in a role that entails so much of what I enjoy. Tuesday night I went on a walk through some of the neighborhoods around us with Nell and nearly didn’t know what to do with myself having to not have had to bring work home.

Wednesday it was back to the office early where I got to schedule social media and begin more of my role. We had a team lunch in the office where I felt like I got to know everyone a little bit better.  I went to the office earlier this day since we work longer days Monday - Thursday to get half days on Friday (talk about a major perk!). Once I got home I attempted to continue the unpacking process but in reality tended to just move boxes to different locations in the house. Thursday was similar but my roommate, Rebecca, was also starting to get settled in. We both can’t get over how much we love all the space that having a house offers. Friday I had to take my picture for my nameplate which meant that I was able to explore another area in our office building. My work week ended at noon, and I ran errands to get things for the house after that.

Friday night, Nell, Rebecca, Nell’s roommates, a few of their other friends from PA school, and I all went to dinner in Homewood at Taco Mama. We sat outside and got to know each other a bit better before figuring out our plans for the evening. Everyone went on their separate ways before reconvening later that night at Nell’s apartment before going out in Birmingham. We went to a few different places and met mutual friends of the group before eventually all agreeing that we were pretty tired.

Saturday seemed like quite the eventful day since it started with the wifi installer informing us that he couldn’t service our house with his companies wifi (womp). Fortunately, he helped us figure out who could. Then Rebecca’s furniture was moved into the house and my heavy dresser was finally moved out of the living room and into my space. The mountain of moving boxes in our downstairs living room is now overwhelming but it’s nice to have someplace to put them as we’ve been unpacking. After lunch, my brother and his fiancé, Shannon, arrived in town to stay with me. They hadn’t had lunch so I took them to a place in English Village called Continental Bakery that my aunt had raved about. They said it lived up to expectations! We then wandered around Homewood and drove through Mountain Brook before I put Gil to work hanging things in my room prior to our dinner reservation. We went to Jian Marco’s Wine Bar in Homewood for dinner and were all floored by just how perfect and delicious it was. I was lucky enough to go home with leftovers from each of our dishes since Gil and Shannon were flying out the following day. After dinner, we went back to my house and called it a night.

Sunday morning I woke up and continued to try to unpack and do laundry while Gil and Shannon went for a run. After they got back and got cleaned and packed up we went to brunch. I had seen pictures of The Essential on Instagram which is how I knew about it and boy am I glad I did. We ended up sitting at the bar since it was fastest but they have a cute outdoor patio that would be a great place to sit when it cools off a bit. The Essential makes their own homemade pop tarts so we split a Nutella one of those while sipping our coffee. Everyone's meal looked good as well! I had the breakfast sandwich and grits and both were delicious (and I'm usually not a huge grits person). They left for the airport after brunch and I decided to run a few errands before having to be at home in the afternoon for the new wifi/cable man. Shockingly, I really didn't get the Sunday scaries at any point during the day. When I was teaching they would get bad starting at noon most Sundays, so this was a welcome change. I did some laundry, watched Harry Potter, and finally finished unpacking the kitchen and attempting to arrange the living room furniture. We still have a couple of furniture pieces for the living room and will eventually have to figure out what we want to do with the downstairs living room, but I am so excited to share the space with you soon. To cap off a great week and weekend, Nell and I went to the $5 burger special at Five before I came home to shower and get to bed. It seems like I can't escape a $5 burger tradition although I'm definitely not complaining about that.


I started this book at the beach and was surprised as to how quick of a read it seems to be. Although I haven't yet finished it, it doesn't read as slowly as some career books I've read before. The premise of this book is to change the context of the word nice as it can sometimes be used in the workplace and use it to your advantage. Definitely an interesting read that has pockets of information that would be applicable to a number of different people.

Watching: To All The Boys I've Loved Before
I don't know if I have ever heard so much about a movie from so many different people in a short period of time. I first heard about this movie on Tuesday and now I feel like it comes up in every conversation I have. It's a Netflix original so if you don't have Netflix see if a friend does but it was a cute watch. I started the second movie Netflix recently released with the same guy and can not recommend it but To All The Boys I've Loved Before would be a cute girls night movie.

Since starting my job, I've realized just how handy blue light glasses are. I spend a lot of time looking at the computer at work which can cause my eyes to feel strained. It has been much better now that I've started to wear these. I'm thinking I need to get another pair to have at home to encourage me to wear the ones I do have at work. 

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