Monday, April 9, 2018

Step Into My Week

What a Monday it is. I have a feeling that adjusting back into the working world after a relaxing week off may be a bit tricky. If you have any tricks for making the week feel like it is going by faster than it is please let me know!

Although I didn’t have elaborate plans for spring break, coming home to relax was exactly what I wanted to do. With grad classes this summer, I don’t actually know when I’ll have the opportunity to come home next. Even worse than that, I don’t know when I’ll get to see my parent’s puppy, Scout, next since the next time I see my parents we will be in California for my brother’s law school graduation. I tried to make the most of my time by balancing getting different things done with time spent with Scout and my parents.

Most mornings this week I would spend getting some blog work done at a local coffee shop. Fairhope has plenty of great ones but I tend to be most productive at one called Soul Caffeine. With teaching and grad school taking precedent I had some behind the scenes things that needed to be accomplished for the blog. I was able to brainstorm a lot of content I am excited about for the coming month, and I was appreciative to have some time to sit down and focus on that.

 I was able to get together with a friend from home on Monday afternoon and go for a nice long walk by the bay. Tuesday Scout and I went on a nice walk by the bay in the afternoon before I came home to get ready to see Nell (my freshman and senior year roommate and one of my best friends from Furman) that night. We went to a fundraiser that evening for a local place where the keynote speakers were Katherine and Jay Wolfe. While I have not yet read their book (reviewed by Nell here), it is definitely on my list. Wednesday and Thursday were a lot of the same (coffee shops & walks with Scout) although on Thursday I got a new phone. I had y’all help on my Instagram stories and ultimately went with the majority vote of the iPhone 8 plus. So far, I am a big fan. Friday kicked off the weekend and was a bit more eventful that the rest of the week. My mom took a half day at work so we were able to go out to lunch before running errands and taking Scout on a walk together. That night we had one of my favorite treats while I’m home, crawfish. Saturday was super rainy so I attempted to sleep in a bit (to enjoy my last day at home) before getting brunch with Nell. After getting home from that, I joined my parents at lunch before we all came home to relax. Saturday night was filled with a healthy dose of pouting about having to head back in the morning (and some packing too). 

Sunday morning, I got up and drove the eight hours back to Greenville before attempting to transition out of vacation mode and into school mode. I hit a bunch of standstill traffic in Georgia and ended up getting my laptop out and working on some future blog posts as I just sat there. I also discovered the podcast, Unsolved Murders, which kept me entertained for a while. I came back to a number of packages which motivated me to get unpacked so that I could finally see what was inside. I ended the night by showering and getting comfortable and reading in bed. While I love being at home, my bed here is equally (if not more) comfortable than my bed at home making it a happy welcome home. 


 I am so excited to finally be reading this book since I’ve heard great things about it. I anticipated getting through more of it over the break than I did (I’m only about 100 pages in), but I have really enjoyed it so far. With my growing stack of books, I’m going to need the weather to warm up and our pool to open so that I can start working my way through those books!

Watching: Whatever my Parents are Watching
I really didn’t watch much over the break. So much for my thoughts last week about watching Queer Eye or This Is Us.

Loving: iPhone 8 Plus
As I mentioned earlier in this post, I just upgraded my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 plus and am loving it. The larger size has been a little bit of an adjustment but the quality of the camera, battery, and overall display makes it totally worth it.

Wearing: White Jeans
I was a genius and left my regular denim jeans in Greenville, so I ended up wearing my new favorite white jeans whenever I needed to put on a regular outfit this past week.

I need another blue and white dress like I need a hole in my head, but I love this one that Loft just put online. It’s perfect to wear to work and just as easy to transition to plans after. Someone needs to snatch it up before I become too tempted.

Posts From Last Week:

I hope that y’all had a great past week, and that this week is off to a great start for you as well.

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