Tuesday, April 3, 2018

6 Ways To Boost Your Happiness

The timing of this post may be slightly unfair since it is hard not to be happy when you're on Spring Break. Some days, especially busy ones, can feel like there is too much going on to take time to enjoy  your day and be happy. I am definitely guilty of being on autopilot with the mindset of making it through the day without necessarily caring about my attitude. Below I've shared 6 easy things you can do to boost your happiness.

1. Set 3 Achievable Goals Each Day
At the beginning of this year, I started using the Five Minute Journal. One thing that it has me do every morning is write down three things that I want to accomplish during the day. At the beginning of the book it specifically explains that these need to be attainable goals that way you're motivated to do them. While it still requires putting in the effort of getting these things done, when I have completed them I feel a lot better about how my day has gone.

2. Spend Time Being Active Outside
My new favorite hobby is going for long walks now that the weather has gotten to be consistently warmer. I tend to try to convince my friends to come along or I'll use the time on my walk to call and catch up with a far away friend. Even if I'm not spending that time outside chatting with friends I always feel better about myself after being active (especially outside).

3. Eat Breakfast & Enjoy Your Coffee
I'm not sure how some people can successfully start their day without breakfast. I know that not everyone is quite as addicted to coffee as I am (which is probably for the best), but I really try to enjoy my first cup of coffee with my breakfast in the morning. I wake up earlier so that I can sit on my bed to eat before really starting my day. While sometimes I run out of time, the days that I've chosen to start my day a little bit slower with a good meal are days where I usually have a better attitude. 

4. Set A Specific Time Each Night To Stop Looking At Your Phone
This is one of the best habits I've gotten into during the school year. It caused me to realize that I spend far more time than I'd care to admit on my phone aimlessly scrolling. Setting a specific time has also helped me to make sure that I'm getting enough sleep at night since I am less likely to be distracted by my phone and instead fall asleep at a normal hour.  The rule I've made for myself is that my phone needs to be down by 10:00 each night. This led me to start reading before bed instead of checking emails and instagram. I feel much better about the current day and the next day by doing this and can't believe I didn't create a no phone time at night sooner. 

5. Slow Down
I am not the best at taking it easy and relaxing. I love being productive and accomplishing tasks which makes it a little tricky to enjoy slowing down. I've found that when I take the time to slow down however, I enjoy my day so much more. This could be in part due to the fact that I am giving my time to do so. Take some time during your day to build in time to slow down, it will more than likely change your attitude and make you more productive once you decide to pick the pace back up.

6. Put On An Outfit You Feel Good In
This may seem silly, but I am a much happier person when I like what I'm wearing. If it is cute and comfortable the chances of me feeling good about wearing it are much higher than if I'm in something I don't like. When I know I have a long day ahead of me, I purposely pick out clothes that I really like to make the day a bit better. 

I'd love to know what y'all do to have a happier day and overall boost your mood. Let me know below!

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