Monday, April 23, 2018

Step Into My Week

Last week felt like a long one. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten into a groove since Spring Break and am hoping that maybe this week will be the week. If I’m being honest, as I write this on Sunday afternoon I’m already feeling overwhelmed about the week ahead which is never a fun feeling. The end of my grad school semester is coming up which means that the due date of our research is approaching as is our final and that on top of teaching and blogging seems like a lot to juggle. I’m hoping that once the week gets started it feels less overwhelming but sometimes before a week has begun anxiety can be at an all-time high. It doesn’t help that this past week I haven’t been feeling the best. My throat has been sore since two Saturdays ago and I haven’t had a voice since Wednesday so my guess is that everything piling up is the real cause of my stress.

Our school had field day on Wednesday and picture day on Friday and it is starting to feel like the end of the school year may be approaching even though we still have six and a half weeks left. My guess is that with testing happening in May the days may feel long but the weeks will go by relatively quickly.

(I didn't include two days of my outfits since one was field day and the other was a casual day).

The weather has been pretty funky here with cool days at the beginning of the week and then 70s at the end. It’s my hope that the warm weather will stick around permanently this time. Unfortunately I think it is going to be rainy for the better part of this week but maybe that’ll encourage me to knock some assignments off of my to do list.

Other than school, my brother’s fiancé asked me to be in their wedding which is really exciting. The wedding won’t be until August of 2019 but it’s fun to go ahead and start getting excited for that. Thursday night we had our second kickball game of the season which was fun. We lost but definitely aren’t as seasoned as many of the other teams. Afterwards, we went to a burger place near the field and hung out together as a team. Our game this week isn’t until 9:30 (way after the time a teacher should be starting an activity on a school night if you ask me) so I’m going to have to rest up before that.

This weekend I tried to lay low for the most part since I wasn’t feeling my best. I took a nap on Friday afternoon and then went to dinner with a friend before getting some work done and going to bed early. Saturday morning, I took it easy before going to the pool with Ellison and two of our other friends. We had a birthday dinner that night at a pizza place and after eating our fair share of slices we all headed in. Sunday was overcast but I was able to get outside for a little bit before trying to be productive and set myself up for the week. I’m hoping that this week will be filled with lots of productivity since I am really excited for my plans next weekend and don’t want to have to worry about school while I’m out of town.


Reading: The Breakdown
Some friends and I went to the pool on Saturday and I decided to grab this book off of my shelf. I had ordered it when I ordered the Last Mrs. Parrish and it’s the same sort of genre. We ended up all talking instead of reading so I’m only about 15 pages in but am already intrigued. If you followed along with what I was reading the last few months, you probably remember me talking about Behind Closed Doors. This book is by that same author. I always have a number of books on my “to read” list but now it seems to be getting out of hand as the stack and my amazon cart grow. I just learned that Bob Goff, author of the amazing book LoveDoes, just came out with another book, Everybody Always, and I am dying to read that.

Watching: Uptown Girls
I wanted background noise while looking at my computer on Saturday but I didn’t want a TV show so this is what I put on. I feel like whenever I want to watch a movie I can never come up with something I want to watch. It had been a while since I had last seen it so it was fun to rewatch it. If y’all have any Netflix or Amazon Prime movies worth watching definitely let me know.

Loving: Nyquil
I have felt under the weather this past week and Nyquil has been my saving grace. I still don’t have my voice back fully but taking Nyquil before bed definitely has helped some with my cough and sore throat. I’m hoping that I am officially on the mend but if this doesn’t go away soon I’ll be off to urgent care for a second opinion.

Wearing: Espadrilles
As you probably noticed in my outfits from this past week, I have been living in espadrilles. The pair I have was purchased last year at Target and have held up so well. I have to say, Target’s shoe selection never fails me. I have seen a number of other places with equally as cute espadrilles that would be a great alternative to this pair (this one being my favorite)

I adore embroidery especially bright colors on a stark white background. I’ve had my eye on Mi Golondrinas beautiful pieces for a few years now but have never bit the bullet. I’m not sure if I ever will but I do love looking at their site and admiring the different color combinations of beautifully embroidered dresses and tops they have. I can’t help but think how perfect their pieces would be for summer.

Proud Of Myself For: Convincing My Friends to Come to the Queens Cup
Anxious About: Getting our Tailgate Together for the Queens Cup
These two definitely go together. Next Saturday, about 12 friends of my friends and I are all headed to the Queens Cup in Charlotte. I am so excited for us to go and enjoy our Saturday together doing something a little out of the ordinary. That being said, as the person convincing everyone to come I have been put in charge of the tailgate which has become a bigger ordeal than expected. When one of my guy friends kept asking about what type of food we are going to have I finally had to tell them that I hadn’t even picked out what I was going to wear so the food wasn’t yet on my mind. I’ve since thought it through more and think that it will slowly come together this week.

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