Thursday, April 5, 2018

My New Favorite Accessory For Spring and Summer

Coming home for Spring Break has been great for a number of reasons. Seeing my parents, our puppy, Scout, friends, and taking some time to relax and work on the blog are just a few highlights. Another highlight though, is finally being in weather warm enough to wear some of my favorite pieces for Spring. As thrilled as I am to be taking my Spring and Summer clothes back to Greenville, I need to it to actually get warm enough so that I can wear them. 

When looking through my Spring and Summer clothes I instantly became excited. The bright colors, sleeveless tops, and off the shoulder dresses make getting dressed in the morning so much more fun. Unfortunately, it may be a little bit longer until I can really bank on getting to wear these pieces, but fortunately I've discovered an equally as fun accessory to reach for. Enter last year's most popular spring bag.

A little bit of backstory for y'all on this bag: I had been eyeing this bag last year but could never bring myself to purchase it. I thought it was cute, I loved the way different people included it as an outfit accessory, but I couldn't justify the price when I didn't know how often I would use it. Come Christmas, I had nearly forgotten about the bag altogether. I walked into the room I stay in at my grandparent's house and there sitting on the nightstand was this bag. My grandmother, who keeps up with my blog (hi Grann), had seen me post about this bag and realized that she already owned it. Talk about stylish. She didn't use it anymore so it got to make its way into my closet. Since I have only just been able to start wearing it, this bag has been an accessory for my room on my bookshelf until now (you can see it here). 

While the original version of this bag can be a bit pricey, I've found that many brands have begun to create their own at much more affordable price points. Now, bamboo bags are coming in a number of different shapes and sizes too. I love the way this looks with a pair of crisp white jeans and a colorful top and plan to replicate this outfit many times in the coming months. It would look equally as cute with a spring dress and wedges too making the bag relatively versatile for being a statement piece. I've discovered that if you want an extra pop of color or the contents inside your bag to be covered, throw in a fun springy scarf to serve as a makeshift liner for your clutch. 

top // jeans (I raved about them in this post) // shoes (old) // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // gold bracelet (similar) // bag

Have you fallen victim to the bamboo bag trend? 


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