Monday, April 16, 2018

Step Into My Week

This week was a good one but kind of a weird one. It didn’t come without its share of road bumps but in all I’d say they were handled well and didn’t put a damper on some of the more fun things that the week held. Adjusting back to something after time away is always a bit tricky so hopefully school wise this week seems more normal.

It was nice that this week instead of my Monday night class we had individual meetings with our professor about our research project. I was able to ask her a number of questions I had and get to work on my survey and data collection which is good considering the end of this semester of grad school is approaching. This week we have one on one meetings again instead of class which definitely makes my Monday a bit shorter and easier to ease into.

 Tuesday about a mile from school I ended up with a flat tire which was not ideal. I’ve had my car for a little under a year and definitely didn’t expect to have to deal with this so soon (not that you can necessarily predict a flat tire). I ended up driving to school and having Triple A come and change it in the school parking lot so that I could take it to the dealership after school to get a new tire. Unfortunately, they didn’t have what I needed so I had to go back again on Wednesday to get that sorted out. While there, a student from the school I teach at was there and he was very confused as to why a teacher would be there. Sometimes I forget that kids are very quick to put their teachers in a box and determine that they shouldn’t have a life outside of school. People in the waiting room were chatty which fortunately made the time it took for them to change the tire go by a little bit quicker.

Thursday night started our first kickball game of the season. I know I mentioned this a while back, but our friends in Greenville have been trying to put together a kickball team since August. Since the guys were in charge of it initially it never happened. Once the girls took initiative we actually got signed up and joined the league. I felt like it had been a while since I’d seen my friends here due to Spring Break so a couple of us went to dinner at a restaurant called Universal Joint before the game. I was a little bit nervous since it has been a long while since I’ve played kickball, but I wasn’t as rusty as I had expected myself to be (a background in soccer didn’t hurt). We ended up losing by a couple of points but we had a blast. Afterwards, we went to a local restaurant and bar that offers deals for kickball groups and hung out as a team before calling it a night. I know that I’m going to enjoy having this to look forward to on Thursday nights and hopefully we will get a couple of wins this season.

My students were really talkative on Friday and I left that afternoon tired with a lot on my to-do list. I had to shoot a blog project that is going live this week that afternoon and didn’t realize that some of the items needed to be assembled. I was also a dummy and threw away the supplies for assembly and ended up needing to go to Home Depot to get what I needed. I was able to get everything done before my dinner plans that night which was a relief. A friend and I went to a cool Italian restaurant in Greenville called Jianna. It is on the second floor overlooking downtown Greenville and Falls Park and has open air walls making the atmosphere really fun. It happened to be prom night for a school in Greenville which made for really great people watching while enjoying dinner. Then we grabbed ice cream and called it a night.

Saturday I slept in a little and then went to Starbucks to attempt to get some work done. I didn’t get any of the grad school work I wanted to get done accomplished but instead worked on some blogging things done instead. Saturday was also a big day because my brother proposed to his girlfriend.


As if that weren’t exciting enough, I convinced my friends to get brunch and go shopping for flowers with me. It ended up being one of the best Saturdays even though the day started without any plans. We went to Nose Dive downtown and then went to a local nursery on Augusta Road called Roots. We loved wandering around and looking at all that they had to offer before finally deciding on what plants we wanted. Ellison and I then went to Target and got popsicle trays and two chairs for our porch. After planting our plants we had guacamole, margaritas, and pizza on the porch and sat out there chatting, listening to music, and enjoying the upgrade we gave our space for four hours.


Sunday was so rainy which made me extra glad to have enjoyed Saturday outside. I had some projects for school to work on, went to the store, did some laundry, and did a few other little things to prepare for the week ahead. The Sunday Scaries hit around 3:00 but I was able to distract myself with some of the things I needed to do.

Hopefully y’all had a great week and weekend as well.


Before I get into my “lately” section I wanted to let you know that I took one section away to be replaced by two others. Since I would love this section to become more of a conversation in the comments, I wanted to share something I was proud of myself for in the previous week and something I’m anxious for in the week to come. I can’t guarantee that there will always be both but I’d like to try. I think sharing what I’m anxious about will also help me to think through ways I can switch my mindset away from those things. Step Into My Week posts have become a great way to show y’all a better holistic look at my life which includes the good and the bad. I so hope that some of you reading Step Into My Week posts will choose any part of my lately topics and let me know what you’ve been up to currently in the comments.

Once I finish typing this post I will be hoping in bed to finish this book. I didn’t really start it until I got back to Greenville, and I’ve been impressed with how easy it has been to fly through this book. Sophia just started reading it so I am excited to have a friend to talk about it with once she finishes. I’m so intrigued as to whether my guesses will be correct.

Watching: Friends
I really don’t think to turn on the TV during the week and when I do turn it on over the weekend it is usually as background noise. Because of that, Friends is still my response to this topic. I think I could re-watch the show countless times before ever getting sick of it.

Loving: Our Porch & Window Boxes (use the code FIVE4U for $5.00 off your first order)
For Easter, I told my mom that I wanted window boxes for our apartment’s little porch. I found these great white ones in a set of two and was thrilled to receive them. My friends and I made an outing of deciding what plants to put into it. Ellison and I planted our plants and then enjoyed the fruits of our labor by sitting on our porch for hours chatting.

I had seen this eyelet top a few times online and while I thought it was cute, I wasn’t fully convinced. After trying it on, I knew I had to have it. It is such an easy piece to throw on and worked perfectly from school to dinner and will certainly work for a number of other occasions. I’ve noticed that some sizes are coming back into stock so if yours isn’t available currently, don’t forget to check back.

Wanting: Lake Pajamas
I am a pajama set kind of girl. I’ve had my eyes on Lake Pajamas for a while and have officially decided that they are going to be my end of the year gift to myself since they are a little bit pricey. Do any of y’all have a pair, are they as good as they seem?

Proud of Myself For: Taking Pictures to Include in this Post
Usually y’all see pictures of my outfits and maybe one or two other photos from my week if you’re lucky. This week I did my best to be really intentional with taking photos to share with y’all, so I hope you’re enjoying them,

Anxious About: I’m a little anxious about not having the text of this week’s blog posts ready to go. I do my best to have the text written for posts so that I can make sure everything goes live. My fingers are crossed that I can get to everything I want to.  

Posts From Last Week:

Hope you're having a great Monday! 


  1. What a fantastic week, Dorothy! The plants in the nursery are so beautiful, spring is truly the best! 💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I look forward to your step into your week posts every Monday! Sometimes bloggers can be hard to relate to, but sharing personal details about your life are really cool for readers! I like the idea of adding what you're proud of/anxious about! Thanks for sharing!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  3. Lake pajamas are indeed pricey but I love mine so much! I have three pairs now (two purchased on sale) and seriously want to sleep in them every night.

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  5. I love how you decorated your porch, it looks like such a fun space to relax in when the weather warms up. You should definitely do a review of Lake Pajamas if you get some. I think they're so cute but am also hesitant to spend the money.

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