Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March Favorites

Happy April y'all. I know I am a little bit behind on wishing you a happy start of a new month, but I didn't want to rush through March's Favorite Product post since I have lots of new things to introduce you to. The other day my friend Sophia texted me to excitedly announce that we survived January, February, and March. This may seem kind of silly but the beginning of the year is usually the hardest for me since I am trying to get in the groove with lots of new ideas but it seems like the weather is against you. Once April comes around the weather starts to cooperate more and I feel like I have a routine and am working through my ideas. Having lived together for two years she gets that. So, if you're like me and are thrilled to have survived January, February, and March I think treating yourself to a new product for making it to April is perfectly acceptable. Fortunately, I have plenty of good ones at a variety of price points to share with you.

Woo Lash Eyelash Serum
After hearing everyone rave about eyelash growth serum I finally decided to give it a try. After looking at a couple of different brands I decided to give Woo Lash a try. I used it all of March and think that it definitely helped my eyelashes grow a bit. I apply it after putting on lotion before I go to bed which made it easy to incorporate into my everyday routine. I'll be interested to see if my eyelashes continue to look longer after using it this month as well. 

NYX Translucent Powder + Beautycounter Powder Brush
I've never really used translucent powder before but after being sent a box of products from NYX I decided to give it a try. Since it is translucent it obviously doesn't change the look of my makeup but it does make it seem to stay in place a bit better and it makes my skin feel really smooth. If it weren't for the brush I apply it with I'm not sure I'd be as hooked. The Beautycounter Powder Brush is a pretty thick brush that is insanely soft. I'm considering ordering a second one just for regular powder. 

Mrs. Myers Mint Soap 
I love cleaning supplies, but it was about time for me to stop using my fir tree scented Mrs. Myers soap. When I was in target at the beginning of the month I thought to walk down the cleaning supply aisle and stumbled upon new Mrs. Myers scents. As someone who loves the refreshing smell of mint I immediately placed the mint hand soap in my cart. It's amazing how something as simple as good smelling hand soap can become a favorite product. If you're not in need of new hand soap, the brand has candles, cleaning spray, and other products in this scent and a few other new ones. 

J.Crew Rain Jacket
After finally biting the bullet to order this rain jacket for fear of it selling out or being backordered it has quickly become a favorite spring piece. Every time it rained this month I was a little less bummed since I'd be able to wear this jacket. The pastel pink color is perfect to brighten a rainy spring day. The hood fits well enough (even with a ponytail) that it doesn't look awkward, and the ability to cinch in the sides makes it more flattering than your typical rain jacket. I found that it is available on both J.Crew's site and Nordstrom's site meaning that hopefully you can pick it up in your size with no problem at all. 

Lisi Lerch Tassel Earrings 
My statement earring collection has been growing and I've discovered that most of my favorites are from Lisi Lerch. I used to only wear pearl studs and eventually started wearing hoops and am now much more adventurous. These tassel hoops come in a bunch of fun colors and while the white pair I have is practical, I would love to add a bright pop of color to my collection for the summer.

Instagram Stories
I have tried to be better about updating my instagram stories since I love watching other people's. Sometimes when I'm entering in grades at the end of the school day I'll prop my phone up so that I can listen to them as I put that information into the computer. In addition to it being fun, I know it is important to update them since fewer people take the time to read my blog than those who check my instagram. Fingers crossed that I get better about updating my own this month. 

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew Shirt
I have a couple of these shirts (both short and long sleeve) and love them. When I was packing to come home for Spring Break reaching for these was a no brainer since I knew I'd be taking Scout for walks and it would more than likely be warm out. I don't usually love fitted clothing (maybe eventually I'll outgrow the phase of wearing size large college t-shirts), but these shirts are an exception. The material is breathable and they come in a number of different fun colors. I'm thinking I need to get another one in white since the white one I do have is long sleeved. If you're looking for a flattering short sleeve shirt for working out in the heat, this should be your new go-to.

Madewell Sunglasses
These sunglasses may or may not look familiar to y'all. I actually have this pair in two different styles. I have them with blue reflective lenses that I wore so much that I ended up asking for the same tortoise pair without reflective lenses. I love the look of reflective lenses but their are times when that doesn't seem to be quite as practical. I got the non-reflective lens version for Christmas and love them just as much if not more. If you have a small face like me, this style of sunglasses is the perfect size.

Lastly, I thought it would be fun to add two new favorites categories to my monthly favorites post. This is the perfect excuse for me to look back at the content I've created over the past month and share my favorite with you. From now on (as long as I remember), I will be sharing my favorite instagram and blog post too!

Blog Post: U.S. Travel Bucket List

Instagram Post: March 14th

Let me know what you've been loving this month so that I can give it a try, and shop the products featured below. 

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