Thursday, June 15, 2017

Packing the Perfect Pool Bag

It is supposed to rain for the next couple of days (fingers crossed it clears up for a sunny Saturday) which interrupts the convenience of having a pool at our apartment complex. I'm used to spending my summers in the sun so not being near the beach has been a little bit weird but having a pool makes it a bit better. Since we don't want summer to be solely about grad school sometimes after class we will opt to take our reading poolside to multitask and catch some rays while staying studious. Because of this, I've been keeping my pool bag packed and ready to go at the drop of a hat. This way all I have to do is throw on a swim suit and grab whatever work I'm planning to do and go. While you may think knowing what to pack in your pool bag would be a no brainer when I am in a hurry I am always bound to forget something making a packed pool bag that much easier.

A sturdy tote is crucial when it comes to making going to the pool easier. Not only does it save your pool chair but it also contains all of your supplies. I've been using this tote for the past couple of summers as my pool bag as I've found that it is the perfect size. I did a  DIY tutorial here on how to make it if you're looking for something of the same style. 

This  Turkish Towel Beach Candy Towel is not only cute but also compact providing you with plenty of room to put other things in your tote. It does a good job of soaking up water when used as a towel but can also be tied to serve as a cute sarong. 

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This  Turkish Towel Beach Tunic in Turquoise couldn't be cuter or more perfect for the pool. The tassels on the sleeves and the bottom are so fun, the hood is handy to help dry off my wet hair, and the length makes it great even when walking across the parking lot back to my apartment. The material is light weight but absorbent just like the Turkish Towels making them perfect for the summer heat. 

I'm a lover of ponytails pretty much all of the time but especially at the pool. I like to keep an extra one on hand in case the one I am using breaks or I decide that a pony tail isn't cutting it and opt for a bun instead. I love the no crease ponytail holders so I tend to gravitate towards those in my extra stash. 

I'll be the first to tell you that on after school pool escapades we don't always read the books and articles we plan to for class. Most of the time we end up talking or reading for fun (again, we are aiming for a balance haha). I like to have a book on hand in case I can't take education articles any longer. I haven't actually started  this book yet but have heard great things and love the author's husband's book,  Love Does, so I am eager to get started on it! 

There is no denying the fact that the sun dehydrates you. To help avoid that I like to bring a matter bottle with me to the pool. This swell one is great since it will keep my water cold for up to 24 hours and it is relatively slim in size making it easier to transport.

I keep at least 2 bottles of sunscreen in my pool bag at all times considering if I don't lather up I am bound to get burned. I like to have one that's more gentle on my face and another (usually a spray) that is easy and quick to apply to my whole body. Since I'm usually going to the pool on the weekends or in the late afternoon it's nice to have varied SPF as well. 

Another no brainer for the pool especially when I am trying to read! The pair pictured above have begun to live in my pool bag. They are from the brand Sunski and their blue reflective lenses are more fun than my more traditional Ray Bans. They also are pretty affordable and don't seem too breakable making it less nerve wracking to toss them into the bottom of my bag. 

Headphones can be tricky when it comes to the pool. If there are a bunch of people and I am trying to be productive I like having them on hand to drown out the noise but I've always been afraid that I am going to end up with a random tan line across my stomach because of the cord. I was recently introduced to  Suido Sweeden's blue tooth headphones and have found that they are the perfect solution. The charge lasts so long and since they are bluetooth they don't have a long cord that could wind up leaving lines, a major win in my book! 

In the summer even when I use a lot of sunscreen my freckles tend to pop out. I like my freckles so it isn't a big deal but sometimes I want my face to have a bit more protection. Because of that I like keeping a hat in my bag. While sunhat are really cute I usually opt for a more classic baseball hat since they are easier to store and take up less space! 

I'd love to know if you have any additional essentials that I should start bringing with me that I may have forgotten! 


  1. You've got all the essentials down! Love your tote too, and so cool how you can DIY a similar one!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Nothing like spending the day in the sun!

  3. I have a blanket from Turkish Towels. It's the softest thing I own. I definitely need to order a beach towel from them.

  4. A book is my one big must have for the pool! It's the most relaxing way to read in my opinion.

  5. Studying poolside was my favorite way to study when I was in college!


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