Monday, June 19, 2017

Step Into My Week

Happy Monday y'all! I am trying to take that attitude since I am halfway done with my first session of grad school! I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't counting down the days for this session to wrap up although I suspect it will still feel like a long road ahead. The work has been constant and a lot of our assignments feel kind of like busy work and I'm coming to realize that I really don't want to be a preschool teacher (although I do like kindergarten and first graders so at least it isn't a total waste). For those of you who don't know, my undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education from Furman and I am currently getting my masters in Early Childhood Education from there as well. The program lasts a little over a year so I'll be officially done with school come August 2018! 

mug // pajamas 

On Monday's and Friday's instead of having class we have field work where I am in a two year old classroom and a four year old classroom. Most of the assignments I have for classes are projects where we have to plan out detailed lessons, implement them, and then write a reflection and answer questions based on our readings. This morning as I write this post (since instead of blogging I did homework all weekend) I only have 3 more times to go to the school I am at which is a bit of a relief. I go for 6 hours at a time and am so busy while I'm there that I'd almost rather sit through class.

While I wish I had some really fun updates for y'all school has been consuming most of my time. I made it a point to make it to a number of barre 3 classes this week which has been a good way to relieve some stress and get back in shape (I worked out maybe once while I was home in May, oops...). I have been super sore from that but I think my body is finally getting used to it so hopefully I can keep up that routine this week as well. I've also decided that once a week I am going to go to the 6am class (which I did this past week) so that I am able to have my entire afternoon free.

My apartment didn't make as much progress this week as I would have liked. I am still waiting for my headboard which I think will finally start to make it feel a little bit more complete. I was so excited because on Friday my nightstand came in but unfortunately it is damaged so I am going to have to deal with the hassle that is figuring out how to get it back in its box and returned (talk about frustrating). I really love the way it looks so it's a little annoying that I can't start filling the drawers and organizing items on the top. I did however, organize my earrings on my dresser and loved the way this $11 earring holder made them all look so decorative and ready to wear! 

I'll be sharing more on these cute pieces soon but wanted to make sure y'all knew just how cute so many of the new arrivals at H&M are! So much blue and white, ruffles, and bows! I linked a bunch of my favorites on instagram with this photo. 

tank (also in white) // skort // top

Lastly, I finally decided that despite it being a short trip I definitely want to go home and go to the beach for the fourth of July. Originally we were supposed to be finished with class on the 28th or 29th but my teacher so kindly scheduled our final to be on the 30th. My next session of classes starts on the 5th so it will be a quick turn around but hopefully it will be worth the trip! 

In case you missed last week's posts here is what went live:

Also, if anyone wants to take the random spurts of rain we've been getting in Greenville then be my guest! Yesterday my roommate and I were shooting some pictures for a post this week and it suddenly started pouring on us and the same thing happened when I was at dinner with a friend on Friday! So bizarre! 


  1. Don't you hate when teachers push finals back when it's close to a holiday? It's the worst. Hopefully you'll enjoy your time home even if it is a quick trip!

  2. I'm loving how your bedroom is looking. This sneak peak has me excited to see the rest of the room and the apartment.

  3. Obsessed with those pieces from H&M so cute!

    Ashley //

  4. When I was in grad school I felt like A LOT of my assignments were just busy work and it was SO frustrating. You will make it through!

  5. Loving your room!! Where is your desk from!? Loving it!


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