Saturday, June 3, 2017

Carolina Blue Off The Shoulder Dress

Let's talk hand-me-downs for a minute. When I was younger I HATED hand-me-downs. I didn't even have it that bad considering my only sibling happens to be a brother and my mom didn't force me to wear his clothes! Now, hand-me-downs couldn't be better considering it's free tuff and any college student can tell you they LOVE free stuff. This dress happens to be a hand-me-down and I'll be the first to tell you I am a big fan. Nell told me she had a cute off the shoulder dress that was too short on her but may work for me and a jumped at the opportunity for a free new dress! Nell and I have very similar styles she's just a bit taller. After trying it on I was sold!

The Carolina blue is the perfect color for summer and naturally I parked it with some white since it is no secret that blue and white is my favorite color combination! I was wearing this dress the other day and a friend told me that I couldn't look more southern. I definitely didn't feel any more southern than other days but if that's a selling point for you then be my guest! A real selling point for you taller girls is the fact that this $24 dress comes in a tall length as well. If I were choosing between the original and the tall I would probably also opt for the tall version (I'm 5'7'') AND it's available in a few different colors! Throw it on with fun earrings and a pair of wedges or your go to studs and some tan sandals and it may be one of the easiest "put together" outfits I've worn.

dress // wedges // earrings (DIY here) // watch (c/o) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // rose gold bracelet

This would be the perfect look to throw on for last minute dinner invitations or on especially hot days when shorts or pants just aren't cutting the temperature! 


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