Friday, June 2, 2017

Roadtrip Essentials

Happy Friday! Although this weekend is a bit shorter than last hopefully you have some fun plans for it. I feel like during weekends in the summer it is a rarity for me to just stay put. Whether it’s heading for a day trip or going to the beach for the weekend I figured the summertime was the perfect time to share my road trip essentials with y’all. Aside from the obvious (like your license, directions, and a full tank of gas) I’ve included what I find to be essential both when I am driving or when I am the passenger (although there is a decent bit of overlap between the two). I am hitting the road back to school tomorrow and while road trips are always more fun with friends I’m not sure that would be an option as I transport the desk I redid and other apartment essentials back with me.

as the driver

a comfy travel outfit
I definitely respect people who dress to the nines when traveling but that is definitely not me. I would much prefer to be comfortable when traveling especially when I have a long drive. Often I’ll opt for workout shorts and a t-shirt but sometimes I’ll dress it up a bit with an equally comfortable pair of shorts and loose tee. Shoes are also a big factor when it comes to outfit decision making and I usually like to opt for tennis shoes of some sort (whether athletic fo the first outfit choice or more casual sneakers for the second) since those are comfortable and keep my feet warm!  

caffeine (coffee is my vice)
I definitely like to start out a drive with some caffeine in my system to keep me alert although I’m not opposed to stopping along the way later on my drive for another cup. Especially since it has gotten hotter iced coffee is my go to. I have a DIY recipe of my favorite iced coffee here!

I feel like I’ve been traveling on super overcast days lately so sunglasses haven’t been 100% necessary but when it is bright out they are definitely an essential. When I was looking at new cars I was shocked to see that a lot of cars don’t have a sunglasses pocket anymore and was relieved that mine still has one. Since I’ve acquired a number of sunglasses over the years I’ve made it a habit to leave at least one pair in the car at all times.

a good playlist or book on tape
Now that my car connects to my phone via bluetooth I am so excited for tomorrow’s drive since I won’t be at bay to the CDs I’ve had in my car since highschool and whichever radio stations I can find along the way. Spotify will more than likely be playing the whole ride so if you have any recommendations for playlists definitely let me know! Another great option that my family used to use on long weekend soccer trips was a book on tape. Books on tape serve as an entertaining way to pass the time and are a great way to keep you alert on the road.

hand sanitizer
This seems like a no brainer and is a good car essential regardless of the length of your trip! You never know when you’re going to stop at a gas station that isn’t quite as clean as you’d prefer or get something sticky on you so I like to keep this on hand for all of those just in case moments.

car charger for your phone
Since it has become more and more typical to use your phone for music or navigation in the car a car charger has become absolutely essential. I tend to keep mine plugged in the whole drive so that I’ll arrive with a fully charged phone as well. I even keep an extra charger in the back so that I don’t have to bargain with friends over who gets the charger based on battery percentage life. It’s better to be over prepared than under!

I feel like when I am riding in the car I constantly get hungry. This is probably as a result of being bored but snacks are something I always keep within reach. Filling things like granola bars or peanut butter crackers are a go to but I am certainly not above some chex mix or candy to break out when the drive becomes especially boring!

One thing I do to remain alert and awake on a long drive is chew gum. I like to keep the car size containers in my car to reach for when I get bored or the drive begins to feel monotonous. For whatever reason I think this helps me stay more awake and it gives me something to do although I wouldn’t recommend chewing it the whole time as I can only imagine how painful that would be for your jaw.

A lot of times when I am traveling I’ll pack myself a lunch so that I don’t have to rely on whatever fast food restaurant is at the exit when I finally decide to stop and eat. Along with that I am sure to fill my water bottle in the morning before I leave to stay hydrated. I have been loving my bkr water bottle as it is really large and the glass ensures that no chemicals are leaking into the bottle when it gets hot in the sun like could happen with a plastic one.

as the passenger

jacket or sweatshirt
I have a tendency to bring this along whether I am the driver or the passenger but this can be especially handy as the passenger. Since you’re not technically in charge of the temperature you can throw it on if you get cold or use it as a blanket if you decide to take a nap, which leads me to my next essential.

This essential was debated by friends who claimed that the passenger is supposed to entertain the driver but as a passenger I am a strong proponent of a good car nap and a pillow makes that so much easier and makes the ride more comfortable. I’d love to hear your take on whether or not car naps are acceptable as a passenger but I am all for them.


  1. Your post makes me want to take a road trip now! I've never had the chance to, given that I live in the tiny city of Hong Kong, but one day, one day!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'm the kind of person that always has gum on them!

  3. Love this! Totally agree about bringing snacks haha!


  4. Great essentials! I am a huge fan of the passenger car nap! I actually struggle to stay awake in a moving vehicle if I'm not the driver because of motion sickness (I'm more than okay with this natural defense mechanism haha) and when I'm the driver I like when I can have some time to myself. I love having company, of course, but I am also an introvert and looooooooove my solo road trips. If my passenger takes a nap then it's like I get both benefits! Also, if you're making a longer journey or will be switching drivers, it's a good idea for the passenger to get some rest so they are more than ready to take the wheel.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  5. I totally agree with you on the outfit aspect. If I'm going far I definitely need a comfy outfit like workout shorts or leggings.

  6. Thanks for sharing your road trip essentials, I enjoyed reading them and can relate in so many points (yay for naps, gum and snacks!) Also love the tassel key chain, where is it from?


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