Monday, April 14, 2014

Things I've Discovered My Freshman Year Of College | You Are Bound To Worry About Things that Aren't That Big Of A Deal

(My best friend from home came to visit from Thursday to Sunday so that is why this didn't go up on Friday, hope you enjoy it even though it's a bit late!)

I hope y'all are still enjoying my Things I've Discovered My Freshman Year Of College posts! Keep checking back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the continuation of these posts!

I will admit I am really good at stressing and worrying. My parents have never worried about my grades because according to them I care about my schoolwork and grades more than they ever could. I am ambitious and driven, which is great until it becomes my own fault because of the stress involved. I am not saying that school isn't something to worry about because believe me, it is but sometimes I worry about things that in retrospect are just not as big of a deal afterwards than it seems to be at the time.

            I have more than a few examples of this but I am only going to share a few of these. For starters, recruitment, I overly worried about the entirety of the process and it is hard not to feel that way during that time. The other night I was reading through a journal I keep on my bedside table that I wrote in during the recruitment process. Reading back through it now I could see myself happily fitting into a few of the different sororities here but at the time the recruitment process was all any of us could think about. I was fortunate enough to get a bid from my top choice, which has been such a great fit for me but I am not the type of person who is going to be completely defined by my sorority. At this point I realize that I was really just excited about getting involved with Greek Life and I overly worried about which group to get involved with. (No worries friends, I still love Kappa Delta and am beyond happy that I am able to call these girls my sisters!)

            With involvement in sorority life comes super fun date functions. My friends and I spent far more time than was necessary complaining about and dreading finding dates for our functions. I would much prefer to be asked to functions instead of having to ask people to my own functions but when it is your own event then it makes sense that you just have to deal with it. So far this semester I have had 2 date functions the first being crush (a theme function) and the second being formal. At both of these events we had a band and swing dancing was heavily involved so I started thinking of who to ask with that in mind. Looking back on asking people to these events I realize how it was silly to get so worked up over having to ask them although I know I will feel the same way when I have to ask guys to these events in the future! Both times I asked in really goofy ways, I felt like that helped to take some of the stress off! For crush I asked with a poster that said, "now that I've finished rush I need a date to crush" and for formal I purchased Resses peanut butter eggs and made a note that said, "I've heard you would be an EGGcelent date for formal" since I didn't really know the guy I was asking. Also, it is a lot more common than one might think to have to ask people you don't know that well to these types of events! In hindsight I wish I had gotten the asking over sooner just to have it done and for me to not have to worry about it. (Both events were super fun)

            Grades. This is a tough one because I don't want y'all to think that they are something that shouldn't be worried about since they are! Personally, I am super driven and am a stressor when it comes to grades.  For the rest of this semester I am hoping to calm down a bit about schoolwork (I'll still be working VERY hard but I need to know when enough is enough and sleep should trump the extra studying). My semesters have been very busy and especially this one which has been so writing heavy that spending all day in the library on a Saturday may get me ahead but college is also about so many of the great memories you can make with friends and I need to remember to keep that in mind!

            A lot of the experiences I have overly worried about were made into a bigger deal because of how I viewed the situations. College is definitely teaching me that while I am a worrier I need to keep in mind that some of the things that I worry about are really not that huge when it comes to the big picture!


  1. Where's your adorable striped notebook from?

  2. It's good that you're realizing all of this so early on! Hang in there :)

    AOT || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. Really great advice!

  4. It's nice to know that I'm not the only worrier! I'll be a freshman in college next year, so I've really been enjoying your freshman year experience series! :)

  5. Great advice! I completely agree with everything you said and relate to all of it! I really worry about my grades and am currently stressing about who/how to ask to my sorority formal...nice to know I'm not the only one! :)

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