Friday, April 18, 2014

Things I've Discovered My Freshman Year Of College | You'll Greatly Appreciate Your Own Bed, Not Wearing Shower Shoes, And A Home Cooked Meal!

I am extremely lucky that I am used to being away from home. Summers have been spent at camp for the past 9 summers so I am a seasoned pro when it comes to being away! Unfortunately, not everyone is quite as experienced in that department. The beginning of the year and the winter seem to be the most common times for people to get a wave of homesickness while at school but being away can be hard and you never know when it may sneak up on you!

Going to school 8 hours from home hasn't been any trouble for me. I've gotten to go home for breaks and my family has visited which is great! But some weekends I do wish that I could head home for a night in my own bed and a meal with my family.

Appreciating being home is one huge thing I've learned this year. I've always liked being at home but now I love it. Also, your state pride and your hometown pride are increased when you leave! And no, I am not from Texas…

Now, I always look forward to getting to see my family, eat a home cooked meal, showering without shower shoes, and sleeping in my bed a whole lot more than I ever did when I lived at my house all the time!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder!


  1. These are all things I miss so much! Being gone has really made me appreciate what I have, where I'm from, and the wonderful people in my life! Great post :)


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