Monday, April 28, 2014

Things I've Discovered My Freshman Year Of College | Late Night Snack Outings Are Always Acceptable And So Are Random Dance Parties

Sometimes you have to take a break from the books and do something silly. Being overly wrapped up in my studies can be a trap that I fall into frequently but fortunately I have learned when to stop and take a break! Some of my favorite breaks include conversations and catching up with friends, snack runs, and extremely goofy (and embarrassing) dance parties with my roommate in our room!

Fortunately we both are great at not taking ourselves to seriously and majority of the time we spend in the room we are embarrassing ourselves in some way or another! If our room had a slogan it would be: "if someone walked in right now…" because of the countless number of times we say this on a daily basis.

Below I have included my favorite dance party songs (yes, they are embarrassing but thats ok) and the best late night snack options we have around us or even on our own campus!


With finals this week and next you can bet that there will be many dance parties and snack breaks to get me through!


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