Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things I've Learned My Freshman Year Of College | You'll Make Friends A Lot Faster Than You Think

Whether it be in class, walking to class, or on your hall, I discovered that making friends in college was not that difficult! Granted, I am at a small private school where no one from my high school came and it is kind of rare for large groups of people from one school to attend which helps force you to make friends. I know this quickness might not be the case for everyone but I was very lucky in this department.

My freshman hall is incredible, I am super close to seven of the thirty four girls on my hall and we even spent spring break in New York City together. I feel like your hall is the first place where you will start forming relationships. Furman is unique because not only do you have your hall but you also have a brother hall who you would ideally hang out with and get to know. That wasn't exactly the case for my hall and brother hall but it is a cool idea!

I got so lucky in the roommate department that after a week my roommate and I became best friends (basically inseparable). While we did request each other, which isn't a big thing to do at Furman, we had only met once prior to our time at Furman. Our personalities mesh well together and the rest is history. I am honestly so lucky to have her! She puts up with my hyper spurts, my emotional breakdowns when I am stressed, my terrible dance moves and love for weird pandora stations (rap and hip hop pre game is my new fav), and my always empty stomach and continual snacking because of it! Maybe I'll get her to write a post about the side of me y'all may not see, that could be really funny (how does that sound Nell?). I know that not everyone is going to be best friends with their roommates but I am lucky that worked out for me.

Funny story time… Nell and I on the first night at Furman were determined to make friends. I think that was the one thing we were both most nervous about upon our arrival, we were terrified that we weren't going to have any friends. We were both convinced that we HAD to become friends with Anna and Caroline who were roommates and lived just down our hall. We kept trying to get together and do things just the four of us and were quite afraid that they weren't going to pick up on our hints and didn't feel the same way. We left our door open that first night while we were still getting settled and organizing all of our stuff hoping that people would walk by and stop in. We had two visitors and neither of them were Anna and Caroline which convinced Nell and I that they hated us. One boy came in and talked for about thirty minutes with us and our next visitor was a girl who is now my sorority sister. She came in and sat down and we talked about where we are from and all those typical conversation starters. While both of these visits were great Nell and I went to bed confused as to why Caroline and Anna didn't drop by. Little did Nell and I know that that experience bonded us with each other which was more important at that moment than anything else (and so the friendship began). Funnily enough, Anna is a KD with me and now Caroline is one of my very best friends and we are doing Elementary Education together and already have plans to live with each other post graduation (thinking ahead!). Nell and I still laugh when we think back on how worried we were that they didn't want to be our friends!

Sorority life was also a great way for me to make friends! I was luck enough that I didn't get dropped during rush so the choice was entirely my own! I am so happy to have chosen Kappa Delta. I was a little nervous at first because none of my really close friends were in it with me but it has provided me with an awesome opportunity to get to know so many great girls! I can't wait to become even closer to them when we all live on the same hall next year. Another great friend I have gotten to know through my experience in a sorority is my big. It's funny because everyone tells us how perfect we are for each other even though we didn't know each other that well before and I could't agree more with them. We both share a bond over Kate Spade, organization, fashion, blogs (I think she is going to start one!), pinterest, and so much more not to forget our occasional sassy and diva-esque moments!

Lastly, I was able to make friends with people who I share common interests with. Shannon and I met at an accepted students day at Furman about a year ago because of our common interest of blogging! Shannon and I always share funny stories and discuss things people outside of the blogging realm don't fully understand. We can always count on each other to proof read emails, take photos, and gush over cute instagrams together!

While making friends may seem difficult at first it's crazy to think I've only known these fabulous people for a few months and we have already formed such deep bounds. Now, I can't imagine my life without them!


  1. Love this post, it's so true! I can't believe the incredible friends I've made freshman year and am excited for our adventures for the rest of college!
    xo Tia |

  2. So glad you are having a great experience!

  3. Such a good post! Where are your riding boots from in the picture of you and prepavenue in New York?

  4. Love hearing stories like this! I have made the best friends so far during my freshman year of college and agree with everything you said! I love the people on my hall and I have met so many more from my sorority. Like you, I didn't know anyone when I first got here, but going to my school was the best decision I ever made!

  5. Such a great post, I am so glad you are having a great year! I will have to look back at this post when I am in my freshman college year. Thanks for the advice!!



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