Friday, April 25, 2014

Things I've Learned My Freshman Year | You'll Always Have Someone To Relate To

In college you never have to be alone unless you want to. You are constantly surrounded by tons of other students who are just as stressed about finals as you are and so many who are more than willing to take a "quick" study break to hear about your weekend!

Most colleges have an area of housing that is filled with tons of Freshman making the transition a bit more comfortable since everyone is new to the college scene! Because you are all living pretty close together and going through the same sort of things finding someone to relate to is super easy, you just have to be willing to try!

For me, first semester I made tons of friends on my hall that would gladly drop what they are doing to help me chose a dress for formal, edit my paper, or just sit down, eat snacks, and talk with! The dorm environment is super cohesive to building relationships with those surrounding you and everyone feels as though too many friends would be a great problem to have!

Whether you are homesick the first month, need advice on something, or need someone to console in all you have to do is look around.

In case you need a reference of who I am talking about in my story (which you probably don't because these two are as much a part of prep in your step as I am).

Caroline, Nell, and I!

For example, I lost my pet bunny Thumper about a month ago and my roommate was the first person I texted about it. She came directly back from class and skipped lunch to sit with me and cry. She was totally fine with going to a different dining area than usual so that we wouldn't see people we normally see. A week later one of my other best friends, Caroline, lost her dog. Nell and I were there for her in the same way she was there for me. And a week ago, Nell lost her dog and Caroline and I were able to repay the support and love she gave both of us while we went through the same thing. While it is a terrible fluke that this happened to all of us it is an excellent example that many people have experienced the same thing you have and they may just be right down the hall!

I'm very lucky to have great friends to depend on whenever I need them!


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